Meet Dayakaran Singh Dhaliwal a Vlogger and YouTuber

Dayakaran Singh Dhaliwal

It is always fascinating to learn how promising people take the obstacles as ladder to claim their victory. To some these obstacles appear as roadblocks between their progress and success while like Dayakaran they take them differently. I take challenges as soul healers and motivational incentive to strive for greater heights, says Dayakaran.

A lad in his late Twenties is a full-time YouTuber, Vlogger, Entrepreneur and social media influencer. His charismatic demeanor has won him a good number of fans in every social media platform.
On account of his unwavering determination, Dayakaran stands now as the renowned influencer on different social media platforms and he holds the opinion that success is impossible to achieve without having challenging times, and overcoming hurdles is a real treat. As a famous YouTuber, he had to triumph over several challenges in order to craft a deserving space in the competitive field of social media.
I failed at times, but at other moments hurdles failed to deter my will, all because I kept myself going, states Dayakaran.

In the of late times both real-world and virtual world appeared to be lurching between one crisis to another and due to the global pandemic when everything went berserk it was only that inner perseverance that helped me to embrace tough times and move ahead, Dayakaran further adds.
Making his virtual world successful was not as easy as it appears to be for this Punjabi guy, he too had to face hardships and the way he tackled those hardships made him a successful and iconic YouTuber of our times.

In addition to this, Dayakaran is the first Turbaned guy based in Punjab, to have started travel Vlogging in India and first from state of Punjab who has brought he automobile industry to limelight through his vlogs. This Vlogging may seem cool to some but gaining an impressive figure of audience demands immeasurable hard work.

Just after Dayakaran completed his graduation, he started his career as a Youtuber and Vlogger and owing to his informative approach he went famous and gathered a huge size of audience. Through Vlogging Dayakaran mostly brought Automotive into limelight including lifestyle and travel vlogs. Dayakaran has been given the opportunity to partner with a number of reputable and well-known Punjabi automotive firms as a result of his sincere work ethic. On his social media sites, he has amassed well-sound fan base. His fans and followers adore him for his innovative and educational stuff. On YouTube, Dayakaran Singh Dhaliwal has won more than 5 lakh subscribers so far.

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