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Meet The Real Health, Nutrition and lifestyle influencer of India – Dr. Rohini Shende

We found the real influencer of India and she is not an actor or sports star but a doctor who takes care of such stars. Doctor and influencer? Well she is, we came across one beautiful looking Doctor. Dr Rohini Shende by looking at her half of your disease will go away. 

Influencer Dr Rohini Shende: The reason we call her a real influencer is because She recently won FSSAI Eat Right Award (As Social Media Influencer) which is a national-level award from our Hon Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan and Hon Minister of State for health and family welfare Mr Ashwini Choubey on occasion of first-ever World Food Safety Day.

Well, she is not only a Doctor, but she is also the best Dietitian and Nutritionist in Maharashtra and India. She is one of the very few MBBS doctors who chose to specialize in Nutrition. Dr Rohini Shende has done more than eight years of research on diet, nutrition, fitness, mental health and overall lifestyle modifications. 

Nutracy Lifestyle: Dr Rohini Shende is also the founder of a company called Nutracy Lifestyle. She is also a fabulous Author as she has written many blogs and articles on health and nutrition. She is also working on her book which will be out this December.  She is a motivational speaker too.

Radio channel, Social media & her clients: Dr Rohini Shende has a Daily health show called Healthy Lifestyle with Dr Rohini Shende on Tomato FM 94.3 Kolhapur, Maharashtra since last 2 years.

She delivers daily health tips in order to create more health and nutrition awareness in society. She says “That’s her way of giving something back to the society” Making staying healthy an easy part of Lifestyle. Dr Rohini Shende has also worked for many B-town stars and beauties Miss India. Some of them are Miss India international 2010 Neha Hinge, Miss India 2013, The lead actress of the successful Zee Marathi serial Khulta Kali Khulna, Mayuri Deshmukh and also many Miss India aspirants.

You will be surprised to know that this young girl is also Nutritionist on board with National Indian Athletes (GAIL, NYCS). 

Socially Active and most famous celebrity of India: Dr Rohini Shende is very much popular on Instagram, Facebook and youtube. She also has a YouTube channel which has more than 200 health, fitness, nutrition and Lifestyle videos in just over just a period of 2 years.

Dr Rohini Shende’s name is first in the list of Influencer in India. 

Dr Rohini Shende was the Head and second NMO President of MSAI (medical students association of India) the most significant and leading medical students association in  India. 

Other than her work she loves sports and she has also won a gold medal in National inter Medical Lawn Tennis Tournament at AIIMS, Delhi. Dr Rohini is a National level lawn tennis player.

Her list of achievements is enormous, she is the most talented girl of India. A girl like Dr Rohini Shende can inspire many young talents to do something in life, especially girls who are young and doctors. She is India’s pride, and we feel she is going to make us proud with her achievements in the coming years.

By TIS Staffer
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