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Mera Cashier – Naye Bharat Ka Digital Cashier

In small towns, relationships are basis for strong businesses. When the entire country is going digital, our small businesses are left out and need inclusion. They do have smartphones and access to internet but smart business solutions that understand their problem and can create a difference in their lives is missing. A study says that 97% users use mobile phones to access internet and yet the percentage of digitization of small and micro enterprises in minuscule.

Currently, there are more than 60Mn MSMEs in the country, 15Mn+ Kirana stores and yet enterprises using digital solutions to manage business are less than 10%. The retail is pegged to grow to $1Tn by 2020 and traditional trade will still be the largest contribution. Every day a traditional retailer uses a minimum an hour and a half to manage his red colour khata bahi. At the end of every month, he again takes out the red color khata bahi and begins the mammoth task of tallying all his hisaab kitaab. It again takes him hours and hours to reconcile all the balances, let alone the task of recovery from all his stakeholders. This is not only tedious and time taking; it is manual and can be erroneous as well. Now, imagine the efforts that the entire country’s MSME population is putting in this – millions of hours of time and energy are getting wasted in something this mundane and that too when India is known around the world for the rich technical capital/manpower it has. This millions of time and energy saved every day will be utilized in things like expansion of business, acquiring skills, alternative education, better family and social life so on and so forth. 

Mera Cashier is an application which has basic features like adding customers, managing their transactions, sending SMS and payment reminders. While all these are basic must to have features, Mera Cashier has many smart features also. A user can set the credit risk limit of a customer and managing his credit risk and working capital inflow. He can monitor dashboard for timely recover, user QR scan facility to make an efficient use of his limited time and create offers and spread amongst his customer base ensuring footfall and increase in revenues. Considering that data is the new fuel. Mera Cashier empowers the small and micro enterprises to use their own data to help them expand business, minimize risk, rotate working capital efficiently all over their mobile phones in the comfort of their shop/stores. 

It is a freely available app on play store. Currently we are at 90000+ downloads on play store in less than 5 months of operations. Our users love our app and give us constant feedback and appreciation. Our founder Suneel Kumar has grown in up Baraut, a tier 3/4 city in UP. Even though he shifted to Delhi/NCR, he always had a dream of giving back to the society that has given him his roots and identity. A seasoned Chartered Accountant himself, believes in inclusion and has a vision of making the app reachable to all corners of the country and enabling and empowering those businessmen who have been underserved by the markets. Only true inclusion will make the country a superpower in coming decades. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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