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Mohd kaif aka Kaif Yamaan- Influencer determined to bring a change in the society

Mohd kaif aka Kaif Yamaan- Influencer determined to bring a change in the society

Being a social media influencer and a motivational speaker is not a cake walk, it might seem easy but it actually isn’t. It is a responsibility that aims to bring a change in society by motivating youths to follow their passion and work hard without giving up.

With a massive fan following of nearly 270K people on Instagram, Mohd Kaif, a young influencer is focused on creating quality content and inspiring the people for a noble cause.

This is a digital era and the world around us has transformed a lot. These days the popularity of a person is not only limited to the Glamour World or Sports. With digitization and social media gaining rapid popularity, Social Media Influencers are a new thing. Like Celebrities, these people too have become stars and one such rising star is Mohd Kaif.

Mohd Kaif, a young boy who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s capital city of Lucknow has built his image as a high-end social media influencer. Kaif is often followed by people for the quality content he produces. He has completed his graduation and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce alongside a  deep passion for ‘Shayari’.  He has a soothing voice that is primarily the reason he instantly connects with people through his motivational content.

Mohd Kaif is very active on Social Media Platforms and at the time when the ‘Tik Tok’, a video producing and sharing platform was active in India, he had nearly 1.5 million followers on the app. He is also very active and regularly produces his content on platforms like MX Takatak, Tiki and Awaaz-E-Shayar. Talking about the immense success and the love of the people he is getting, Mohd says “I always loved speaking and writing and wanted to motivate people through my content.” “Everyone has their own talent and everyone is doing good and one who gets public to connect with them is the one who will go far,” he further adds.

In this cut-throat competition of the digital era where content is constantly produced, it becomes tough for these social media influencers and motivational speakers to make a place for themselves but with the new types of content, Mohd has mastered the art to stay relevant. He aims to connect with as many people as possible. He is currently focusing on launching an organization in Lucknow with the love of the people. The aim of the organization is to provide a platform for upcoming new talents to showcase their creativity and skills bringing out a change in society.

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