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Mr Suresh Mansharamani: An Inspiration Journey of India’s Best OKR Coach

Mr Suresh Mansharamani is the mentor of millions of entrepreneurs! He is an overall package in himself  – a Business…

Mr Suresh Mansharamani: An Inspiration Journey of India’s Best OKR Coach

Mr Suresh Mansharamani is the mentor of millions of entrepreneurs! He is an overall package in himself  – a Business Coach, OKR Coach, Presidential Awardee,  Investor, Founder of Tajurba, TEDx Speaker, and author of: ÂSpecific Measurable Results: Objective Key ResultsÂ;  ÂOwn the StageÂ; ÂClosing Your SalesÂ; ÂSuper Power Networker and many other titles.

India is a global platform for various diversified businesses and startups to flourish. With this, the demand for trainers for such businesses also increases, to strategize their moves and make each of such businesses boom in the market.

Mr Mansharamani is a serial entrepreneur who is prodigiously creative in bringing up new business ideas and has worked hard to set up new ventures. India’s only OKR (OBJECTIVE KEY RESULTS) coach, Mr Mansharamani has been crafting his charisma over thousands of zealous, potential entrepreneurs and business owners with his proven modi operandi to escalate their revenues.  Under his guidance has been a very iconic Networking Platformwhich goes by the name Tajurbareputed for practical learning through real-life experiences and execution.

The foremost skill in any field is making contacts, apart from which, maintaining relationships is a valuable quality to an entrepreneur. Mr Mansharamani works closely to develop and upgrade this quality in every trainee under him. He has amalgamated simple strategies in the entrepreneurs through his enterprise Tajurba. The company acts as an avuncular in advising and assisting business owners to learn and connect with their potential clientele.

It came to his knowledge that big companies, such as Amazon and Google have been using similar strategies to his to increase revenue and grow a successful company. Unfortunately in India, the awareness in terms of the use of such tools and strategies are not present. This ignited the idea that sparked in Mr SureshÂs mind to take the initiative and impart such strategies to Indian entrepreneurs. This method is known as OKR! ÂObjective Key ResultsÂ- the technique that all the global giants have been secretly implementing. Over 5000 entrepreneurs have already achieved massive results by implementing this strategy, Moreover, some of his tajurba community’s businesses have achieved 100x growth since the day they started implementing this strategy!

The most notable advice he likes to give all the young entrepreneurs is that of reading being a very good and precious habit, if someone is unable to execute the knowledge from these books into action, yields no results.

His breadth of view and insights for the upcoming  5 to 7 years is to make India a superpower, a  country that is home to vivid entrepreneurs, a community of 1 crore entrepreneurs under his new venture Tajurba so that they can get the required funding, skills, mentoring, community commerce and all the necessities required to establish and grow a business.

At the mere age of 38, the ardent mentor received an award from the President for his successful venture. Enlisting the company in the stock market, he received oversubscribed responses 300 times. His ultimate goal is to reproduce such entrepreneurs under his new venture Tajurba.

The word retirement has a new colour when we talk about Mr Suresh, who at the age of 60,  has become an inspiration, motivating and driving force of people of ages similar to him. His complete focus is upon training mentors and guiding the young saplings of the nation and nurturing them in a way to be able to become strong-headed individuals and entrepreneurs, businessmen.  Thus making an effort to contribute to the Indian economy.

Mr Suresh strongly believes and affirms that the change bringer for any nation is in the hands of the youth. Through his new enterprise Tajurba, he not only provides guidance and mentorship but also resources, an environment and a community for entrepreneurs to succeed.

Mr Suresh is not a common man of the herd of thought followers. He has always taken ÂTHE ROAD NOT TAKENÂ. He sets out to uplift and supports every individual out there who wants to do something in their life!

ÂIt isnÂt over until I win and everybody around me wins. – Suresh Mansharamani

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