MUA Saman Ansari intends to become next runway makeup artist

Makeup artists are special people; they lack the traditional intellect and training, yet they are inventive. They have the ability…

MUA Saman Ansari intends to become next runway makeup artist

Makeup artists are special people; they lack the traditional intellect and training, yet they are inventive. They have the ability to bring imaginative concepts to life. Saman Ansari is one such professional make-up artist who has been bringing beauty into the lives of others via her creative imagination. She is a beauty blogger, content creator, and influencer in addition to being a makeup artist.

Her Journey

It’s shocking to learn that having an artistic mind from a young age, especially in the field of beauty and fashion, is unusual. But Saman drew inspiration from all across the world when it came to the realm of beauty, and she was constantly up to date on the current trends. She possesses the capacity to improve, manipulate, and beautify others. As a result, her parents encouraged her to pursue this career path, based on her abilities.

She knew a lot about colours, lines, and angles of the face and body by the age of 20. She was influenced by many people and was passionate about creating distinct and live appearances, which led to strong demand for her services.

A makeup artist can specialise in a variety of areas, including creating special effects for a film, assisting brides on their wedding day, and styling models for extended periods of time, she believes and all of which influenced her decision.

When it comes to make-up artists, she says, “An ensemble is not complete without the perfect cosmetics. Celebrities and clientele rely on their favourite makeup artist for shoots and appearances. So there’s a lot of demand out there, and no one can stop you from thriving if you’re highly creative, passionate, and have the right skill set.Â

Saman develops all of the qualities that an artist must possess. She has patience, tact to work under pressure, and outstanding communication skills when it comes to her work. She prioritises client satisfaction, which is critical because one satisfied customer leads to the acquisition of many more.

Her Achievements

With a solid following of 220K followers on Instagram which speaks a lot about her work. She furthers aims of being followed by 1 million so that she can be recognised globally, she has collaborated with several prominent beauty brands like Sugar Cosmetics, Recode USA, and over 250 other brands

She is currently running an academy where she teaches the principles of make-up to a huge number of people in addition to her graduation.

During the pandemic, she took the initiative to assist others who were suffering with covid. For the same, she conducted online make-up sessions for more than 500 students and with help of that money, she donated to those in need. She is passionate about her work and is always updating it to keep up with the times, changing the layout of her website, showing new art, and telling new stories.

Her Future Plans

Saman has big plans for the future, including expanding her makeup academy and launching a new cosmetic line. She also wants to work as a runway artist for a fashion show  so that people are aware of her work.

ÂYes, you are the one if you have a passion for self-expression through a living canvas, a great love for cosmetics, and a desire to play with colours, she encouraged the aspiring make-up artist. ÂAll you have to do now is practise, be experimental, keep your work current with current trends, and locate a makeup artist you trust, she further added.

No one can stop you from achieving your goals if you are passionate enough. All you have to do is believe in yourself like Saman Ansari.