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Multitalented Archana Mayekar Shares Her Success Mantra

Creativity is rare in today’s time; We rarely see original things which can impress larger audiences who love B-town Films. Our Film Industry has been lucky to have writers like Javed Akhtar, producers like Yash Chopra who gave us so many good things in B-town. The main reason they succeed was their belief, and they read the situation pretty well in what will work.

We have seen writers, producers, and directors, but we rarely see all the qualities in one person, only  Raj Kapoor tried all three elements in his life. He was never afraid of making movies. He was known for his creativity and beyond the time imagination, which made him the evergreen star of B-town. The same quality is seen in one talented girl called Archana Mayenkar

Archana Mayekar a young inspiring and creative writer and director. She is known for her creative writing and direction. She has that X-factor in her and guts to portray things according to her plan. She is a rare talent who believes in her work and does things precisely according to her plan.

Archana has the experience of writing scripts for many top shows, and her work has been appreciated by all the production houses for whom she has given her writing. Add on to her writing she is a fabulous director too. She recently directed a music video “Champagne Train” under ZEE  Music. 

She has also directed a few more songs which are going to release soon this year. This girls talent is not limited to direction and writing she is a producer too. Wow, a combo of three things She is the founder of the production house called “Cast Telefilms” which is shortly going to release Digital Content with ZEE5.

People like Archana can change the fortunes of many young talents by creating functional roles where you can promote young skills in the small and big screen. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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