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Mysterious History behind the beginning of Second World War

It was told to us that WW2 happened because on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, but it was not…

Mysterious History behind the beginning of Second World War

It was told to us that WW2 happened because on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, but it was not told to us what happened before that; there were so many reasons why the most horrifying incident of global History occurred.

The First World War was fought between the Central Powers (Germany, Austro-Hungary, Ottoman Empire) and the Allies (Britain, France, Russia and the USA). The German side lost the War and the infamous Treaty of Versailles on June 28 1919. Germany was sliced in this treaty by the Allies. The treaty stripped Germany of 65,000 km2 of territory, and 7 million people; those ethnic Germans who were German citizens became citizens of another country.

The same thing happened with the Austro-Hungary empire; it was divided into many small countries, and many German parts went to Poland. Germany started to grow again during Adolf Hitler’s tenure. Poland was the neighbouring country of Germany, and Józef Piłsudski was the chief of state of Poland. However, on May 12 1935, a regime change happened in Poland. Józef Piłsudski died mysteriously, and Communist Edward Rydz-Smigly became the second man in the state. He was a close ally of Stalin and Churchill. Pilsudski’s death became a major reason for WW2 because he was very close to Hitler. 

During the period of Hitler and Pilsudski, Germany and Poland had good relations in his tenure. German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact was signed in 1933. Pilsudski was declared capitalist and fascist after his death; Pilsudski was also close to the Pope. Hitler attended a Berlin Memorial Service held in honour of Pilsudski. 

Churchill’s Cleverness During Second World War

In 1935, Churchill wrote an article on Hitler in Strand Magazine, calling him a threat to civilization. Churchill’s anti-German hate campaign and rise to political influence are just getting started. Later, In 1936, the miraculous economic recovery of Germany under Adolph Hitler and Germany completely came out from the destruction of WW1 and Vacation-loving Germans were now the happiest people in Europe. Germany states that to grow in all fields, happiness is everywhere. 

In an interview with the British newspaper, Hitler offered friendship with the world; he said, Let’s become friends. “I appeal to reason in international affairs. I want to show that the idea of eternal enmity is wrong. We are not hereditary enemies.” He added, “It is not the Germany of the decade that followed the war-broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence. It is full of hope, confidence, and a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life.”

Civil War in Spain 

In another part of Europe during 1936-39, the Civil War started in Spain. Nationalist General Francisco Franco led a rebellion against a democratic socialist government in Spain. This War becomes a proxy war between Nationalism and Globalism. Germany and Italy supported Franco; on the other hand, Stalin and US left supported Spanish leftist socialists. The Spanish Civil War finally ended in victory for Franco, but the War between New World Order Globalism and European Nationalism was only beginning. 

Second World War Poland’ Fault

In Oct 1938, Poland grabbed the peace of Czech, and in 1939, the “free city” of Danzig was 95% German. It was also isolated from the German mainland by the Versailles Treaty, and Hitler tried to resolve it peacefully. This city now belongs to Poland, and the Polish military dictatorship of Edward Rydz-Smigly and friends is urged by Britain, and from behind the scenes and across the ocean, Roosevelt, to not make any deals with Germany. Hitler asked for a referendum, but Poland ignored it. 

Then, Hitler asked to convert it into international territory, but Poland ignored it in May 1939

Adolph turned to the Pope for peace, while Britain turned to the USSR for war preparation. Things were changing rapidly in Europe, and Hitler understood that Britain and France, with the USSR, were preparing for War. 

On the nights of August 25 to August 31 1939, there were many violent attacks on German civilians as well as German officials and property in Poland by the Polish military dictatorship; many Germans were also killed. Just three days before the War, on August 28, Adolph wrote a letter to France, saying he was ready to fight against Poland but maintaining peace with Britain and France. 

August 31, 1939 (1 day before the War), Poland overestimated their strength, underestimating German power and believing that France and the UK would now back it. Poland’s Marshal Smigly allows red terrorists to cross the border and attack a German radio station – Gleiwitz, in Germany. On September 1 1939, Poland crossed German territory and attacked a German radio station. It was confirmed that the Poland war would happen, and it happened – Germany declared War against Poland. Britain and France were waiting for this, and as Germany attacked Poland, Britain and France declared War against Germany, and with this, the Second World War started.