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Neha Pathak creates her brand value with her contribution to the celebrity world.

A PR is someone who plays a vital role in a celebrity’s success. Neha Pathak who is based in Delhi works for many renowned celebrities. Neha has shown immense dedication for her work which brought her into the limelight and was approached by many people from the industry.

Today with the growing world the industry is also growing rapidly. As we all have seen the work pressure celebrities are facing these day so it’s difficult for them to handle the demands of the industry. A good PR will not only take off the pressure but also deals and support to deal with it which leads celebrities to sky-high. These days PR’s are in demand and so the institutes of the country have begun with their courses.

Neha Pathak is creating some buzz in the industry with her work. She once explained the job of PR in detail. She said PR looks after every action of the celebrity. For the audience, celebrities come to shoot or attend events and go back to their respective places. But a PR is the one who arranges all the meetings, timings, locations and also makes plans for the next assignment. Celebrities post videos and pictures on the social media platform but PR is the one who discusses the strategies with the digital marketing team before posting anything on the social media platform. These works were earlier carried out by friends, family, or any other option but today it has emerged as a profession and is highly in demand in the industry.

Neha Pathak has an experience of more than 5years as a PR in the industry. Neha also worked at her residence after work as this profession doesn’t have time constraints. Her dedication and hard work bagged her many exceptional and big projects. She had worked for many celebrities, singers, and even with people who had gone to Bigg Boss. She runs the PR agency under the name Eventra Entertainment and Media in Delhi. She worked for many celebrities like Hema Malini, Kareena Kapoor, Sapna Chaudhary, Shilpa Rao, Richa Sharma, B Prak, VarunShama, Deep Money andIndeepBakshi. She also handled PR for the films.

Neha says PR is the most important and demanded tool in the industry. Neha has been one of the most successful PR in the industry. Today the path of becoming PR is open to all it’s just that one has to love and do the work with complete dedication or else it may be frustrating.

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