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New indigenous LAT center for our domestic airlines

Burzin DaverBurzin Daver is no newcomer to the Indian aviation service industry. He has led from the front, be it…

New indigenous LAT center for our domestic airlines

Burzin DaverBurzin Daver is no newcomer to the Indian aviation service industry. He has led from the front, be it him leading one of the first companies to offer ground handling services to domestic Indian airlines. Continuing its stride, he has now declared that LAT is all set to launch a state-of-the-art Aircraft maintenance center in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Announcing the same, Mr. Burzin Daver, the company CEO, commented and briefed everyone on how the LAT facility will play a significant role in helping save costs for domestic airlines.

Mr. Daver was the proud recipient of the Youngest CEO award in 2002, an accolade that speaks volumes about the man’s consistent efforts to equip his company to meet the changing demands and needs of the aviation industry.

LAT’s commitment to AIR INDIA

Focusing completely on LAT, Mr. Burzin Daver proudly announced that this facility would feature world-class equipment, technology, processes, and systems to fulfill most domestic airlines’ requirements. The company had already signed an agreement with India’s government-controlled premier airlines AIR INDIA. Providing further information about the agreement, Mr. Daver mentioned that the new facility would offer refurbishment of the wide-body aircraft parts of the airline on an end-to-end basis. The agreement speaks of an exclusive cabin upgrade program where Burzin’s team will be extensively responsible for ensuring maintenance and overhaul of cabin parts of AIR INDIA’s fleet. Additionally, the program will regularly include cut and edge services of the aircraft carpets to keep the aircraft interiors look fresh and contemporary.

More about LAT

Mr. Burzin Daver also informed the gathered audience that the indigenously-built LAT has the capacity to refurbish and repair about 10,000 cabin parts each month. The company has already spoken and contracted with many other airliners in the country. One key reason domestic airlines contract with LAT is that it will help them save phenomenally on their maintenance and repair costs annually. Most of the airlines today have their aircrafts repaired overseas because of the lack of commendable maintenance units within India.

What is special about LAT?

The facility has been designed as one-of-its-kind in the aviation service industry. A team of industry experts has been consulted, and the technicians and engineers employed to do the job are all experts with crucial background experience. The facility that is all set to open any time is headed by specialists from the aviation sector with enough international exposure. Another special feature is that the LAT will operate on a 24×7 basis so that the company can meet its target repairs comfortably. The DGCA-approved facility will repair and restore cabin parts for airlines, including seats and seat covers, tray tables, carpets, fairings, shrouds, etc. The facility has CAR 145 approvals and has an automated spray paint boot equipment setup for seamless paintwork at the end of a refurbishment task.