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Next WWE Indian Superstar ; Sagar Nama

Dilip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali of India who has played a major role in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) may have said goodbye to the WWE but his name is still discussed with respect.

In the WWE, Khali's name has once again been discussed in the discussion. This time in the Khali discussions have come to a disciple who is going to step in the WWE soon.

The name of this disciple of Khali is Sagar Nama. Sagar, identified by the name of Ben Jacks, has been selected in the WWE. Sagar has already started training in USA & Japan.

Earlier, Sagar has also participated in Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) organized by Khali in India. Sagar learned from the wrestling bet of his master Dilip Singh Rana (The Great Khali).

The 21-year-old Sagar has been taking professional wrestling training in Continental Wrestling Entertainment in Jalandhar for the past two years. Sagar has played more than 50 matches so far, out of which more than 30 have won.

It would be interesting to see that even if he can follow the footsteps of his Guru The Great Khali.

He got injured during training twice, he tore his *shoulder cuff rotator* and also had an injury in his thigh. He used to face a lot of pain due to his injury and had made his mind about giving up and leaving this field forever.

But, His American Coach Ethan HD inspired him, Sagar recalls his words and says "There is no wrestling without pain"

He started his training again, under Coach Ethan HD inspiring guidance. 

Sagar says"Pain has become a part of me now"

He also shared that he eats over 20 eggs, half kg Chicken, almonds, protein shake, brown bread, milk, rice, and fruits. This is his diet per day, the diet also has to be changed according to the season change.

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