NSAM Academy launches a specially curated fashion show and award ceremony to showcase ‘Sustainability’

NSAM Academy

Gone are the days when fashion meant reckless following of trends now the basis of any fashion is first thinking about how it is affecting our planet. On the occasion of World Earth day. NSAM announced a fashion show and designing awards especially curated for its students as a launchpad to give them a platform to showcase their talent in front of industry stalwarts. Students will work on various themes under the mentorship of their faculty members and mentors. The fabric will be chosen basis on it being sustainable and not having any harmful effect on our planet.

Founder Ms. Neeru Jain and Director Mr. Ayush Jain believes in the fact that we have only one planet and have to take care of it and preserve it for our future. The same they want their students to understand and follow, that’s why they chose the “World’s Earth day” as the right day to announce the fashion show. The show will also have a segment dedicated to its interior students who will showcase how we can recycle and reuse old things to make furniture.
The team at NSAM is using the lockdown period to brainstorm and come up with ideas that do not include only designing clothes and furniture but also evaluating and thinking of innovative ideas to make our planet a better one and preserving its beauty and gifts forever.

About NSAM Academy

Established in 2019, the NSAM Academy of Fashion and Interior Designing is one of the renowned design institutes for fashion, designs, styling, art, and business in India. Since its establishment, the objective of the institute is to provide its students with quality education in the field of design. To cater to the ever-growing market, NSAM Academy offers a number of courses in the field of Interior Design, Fashion Design, Event Management, Makeup and Hair-Do, and others.

NSAM Academy specializes in the holistic development of students and to facilitate the same, it offers a combination of classroom teaching, practical training, internships, and research. The Institute plays a key role in shaping the students to become industry experts of tomorrow. Apart from this, the institute also facilitates industry interface programs and innovative design activities which provides students with an excellent platform to enhance their skills.

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