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#OBL – A Unique, Eco-Friendly and Luxurious Holiday Destination

Out of Box Living is a unique, innovative beach resort in Alibaug that offers ease and luxury amidst beautiful nature.…

#OBL – A Unique, Eco-Friendly and Luxurious Holiday Destination

Out of Box Living is a unique, innovative beach resort in Alibaug that offers ease and luxury amidst beautiful nature. The beach resort is also a part of ‘MVK Phoenix’ and an eco-friendly initiative that endorses a sustainable lifestyle.

MVK Phoenix is a group that finds immense pleasure in taking up new challenges to offer fine services to each client. MVK’s chief USP is a creative and progressive mindset that motivates them to perform exceptionally well. The organization does not compromise on quality and utilities while working for its clients and its ultimate aim is to cater each one with the best services.

‘Out of Box Living’ is the most attractive and exciting project by MVK Phoenix. It is a great example of eco-friendly modern living with a touch of nature for experiencing an ideal holiday. The key values at MVK are Sustainability, Simplicity, and Style. It is indeed the most exclusive beach-side resort in Alibaug for a luxurious and comfortable stay. Experience a deluxe vacation period with them by living in their modern container homes and fulfilling your ideal vacation dream.

Both modern and traditional lifestyles inspire this resort. They offer high-quality, comfortable homes for guests to reside in. In collaboration, MVK Phoenix and Out of Box Living work to build optimum homes for people and promote the idea of an eco-friendly, affordable recycled homestay. They believe this modern architecture will help reduce carbon footprints and motivate individuals to go green.

Innovation begins with a difference; thus, MVK builds homes to endorse that change around us. The resort has a perfect setting for all travellers willing to experience the natural touch of Alibaug.
Book one of the most exclusive container BOX to experience a minimalistic lifestyle and be a part of our moral initiative to lessen carbon footprints.

Step out of city life and connect to nature by living amidst the landscapes. Out of Box Living is the perfect destination to seize complete advantage of the openness and beauty of nature.

OBL has simple and aesthetic homes where one will certainly feel the warmth and enjoy a luxurious stay with high-quality amenities. Also, by living in these vacation homes, you can test drive your future container home, farmhouse, or guest house and decide on whether you wish to build one for yourself. So, if you are looking for affordable, secure, and portable units that meet your space-specific needs, these container homes could be an ideal futuristic living space for you.

MVK Phoenix create spaces with specifications and tailor them according to your individual needs to make you feel at your best. The services include single units and full-home construction provisions.

In addition, they are also introducing a franchise model of ‘OBL’ and looking forward to acquiring the best for both parties involved by working on common interests. They believe in teamwork and growth; thus, introducing this eco-friendly model to the Indian market will certainly change the lifestyle in the country and reduce carbon footprint effectively.