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“Overnight is not a term, years of hard work is” says Mr. Munish Maya

Rome was not built in a day! This phrase is the real truth and the Mool Mantra of Mr. Munish Maya’s life.…

“Overnight is not a term, years of hard work is” says  Mr. Munish Maya

Rome was not built in a day! This phrase is the real truth and the Mool Mantra of Mr. Munish MayaÂs life. Being IndiaÂs First Global Brand Ambassador has taught him that life is not always the bed of roses, but has thorns too. Munish Maya believes that patience, persistence, and perseverance go hand in hand and nothing is achieved without it. 

Mr. Munish Maya through his Instagram posts asks his clients and followers to do self-analysis if they think that something is stopping them from getting successful. There is nothing that can stop you from being successful but only your mind. Or do you think that others are seemingly winning at every aspect of their life? Munish Maya says, ÂAsk yourself one simple question, are you consistent? To achieve your goal and become successful being consistent is very important. Following a routine is not cliché, but the only solution to this question. 

People who consistently work hard to achieve their goals are the people who will sooner or later become successful one day. Mr. Munish who is the Motivator and a Life Strategist, in his Instagram post, tells the bare truth about life, that ÂWhile we hear of success stories that happen overnight, most success stories are not. They are the result of blood, sweat, tears & consistency. Milestones are not achieved overnight. 

Practice makes the man perfect, so start practicing before you leap. Life is a process, and not a shortcut. To go on the top, initially, you have to climb the first stair. ThatÂs how life is! If you will try to skip anything you might fall. Munish Maya says, to Master anything in life you have to go through it, again and again, no matter whatever the condition will be. 

You will meet many distractions on the way to learning and mastering things. ItÂs natural, but those who fall prey to the habit of distraction and least important chores in life have got stuck in it. Take your lifeÂs decision wisely. Keep consistency in your work and mind. Train your mind accordingly. Make a timetable and follow it daily.

Mr. Munish says that building consistency in life is no astrophysics, but the way simpler than anybody can think of, one needs the willpower and right mindset to become consistent. Even sportsperson practice their sport daily, this consistency with their practice is making them perfect. If there is negativity all around you then there is positivity too, itÂs up to you what you choose. The whole mindset and consistency thing revolves around how optimistic you are when it comes to your life. Optimism has positive vibrations.

Adding on in this Instagram post, Mr. Munish Maya tells his reader, followers, as well as clients that,  No matter at what stage of life you are in, there is nothing as right time or the right place. You just have to start & be consistent in the pursuit of your dreams.  Through his words he concluded that there is no good or bad time to start working for your dreams, just do it whenever you are ready. Opportunities do not knock doors twice, so just go for it when it comes to you, and be consistent in the process to achieve it. Transform your life with the pinch of consistency in it, and then see the change. You will be the happiest person you have ever known in your tribe. Follow Mr. Munish Maya on Instagram for daily motivational posts @munishmaya  

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