Pankaj Bawa shares what inspires him as a renowned Fashion Designer and influencer

The youngsters of the new generation are full aware and self-motivated. There are many youngsters who with their hard work and sheer determination have made their way to success. Pankaj Bawa is one of those youngsters of this generation who is making big with his hard-work effort. He is a young astonishing model and lifestyle Influencer who is making huge news over social media by his work. 

Pankaj Bawa who hails from the beautiful land of Ludhiana, Punjab has set a benchmark for people his age by his great achievements. At just the age of 24, he has won multiple reputed awards for modeling such as Mr. Punjab 2016, Modeling the start year 2016, Mr. Exotic 2017, Mr. Fame 2018 and many more. He also debuts in a music video this year with the song name – “Shalara” with Nav Dolorain which was a super hit song. Pankaj’s magic has been all over the place and he is currently one of the most talked-about and admired personality on the internet. 

However, all of this success didn’t come easy and he had to work harder to get where he is today. Pankaj Bawa has worked day and night grooming himself. He has spent so much time on his body and his personality to match the level of international models. His hard work and all the sacrifices have finally paid off now when he is being looked at as a perfect example by the youngsters of our country. Pankaj is influencing the younger generation to be better and make their dreams true. The self-awareness and self-motivation quality of him is really inspiring which eventually led him to success. Today Pankaj Bawa is one of the biggest Lifestyle influencers of the country and has become an example for so many.

By TIS Staffer
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