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Pataa – the app Solving India’s address troubles one pataa at a time

With over 5 million Indian users, Pataa app has helped navigate multiple people to their exact destination with its unique…

Pataa – the app Solving India’s address troubles one pataa at a time

With over 5 million Indian users, Pataa app has helped navigate multiple people to their exact destination with its unique short code, voice directions, property photos and multiple address sharing features.

The Pataa app has been designed keeping the Indian addressing dilemmas in mind, which cost the country a massive loss of almost Rs.75000 crores annually as per a study. The highest cost incurred by delivery companies has been in last few kilometers cost, which usually amounts to 30% of the total. Parcels are sent to and fro because pin codes are inaccurately written, and each pin code covers a vast expanse of almost 82 square kilometers. Looking at the prevailing e-commerce delivery situation. The delivery guy faces a well-known challenge to reach the correct location without referencing a landmark or multiple calls to the sender or receiver. The Pataa app implements the solution to all these dilemmas. It allows users to convert their long and complex addresses into a unique short code that can be shared easily with visitors and delivery personnel.

The Pataa app has evolved to share and direct people to our addresses. Features such as complete address, landmark markings, voice directions, property photos help the visitor to reach the correct building, and additional instructions can help anyone get to your house or workplace. Thus, avoid the extra time and trouble of sharing all the details whenever you need someone to reach your place.

How Does Pataa Work?

Using the Pataa App, you can generate a short code by dropping a pin on the same 3-meter block of your building or house entrance and then enter your complete address details. Extensions can be created for the people who use the same Pataa. Inactive or closed routes can be disabled, and you can also track visitors in real-time through the app. The best part is that your short code remains the same, no matter how many times you change the details of your house, locality or city.

India is filled with roads that have been renamed multiple times and have tiny lanes, making it difficult for someone to precisely locate an address, even if they use an app to help them with the directions. Since the address is distinct and digital with Pataa, people will no longer find themselves lost at the wrong end of a one-way street or confused at a dead end.

The Pataa app has helped them save fuel costs and better use their time by preventing the logistics and delivery companies from driving around in circles. In addition, with the increasing number of Pataa users, unnecessary phone calls by the delivery agents have been drastically reduced. This has produced more significant profits for logistics companies.

Pataa For Vaccination Centres

One of the biggest pandemic-specific offerings that Pataa has introduced recently is the Co-Win button. All COVID-19 vaccination centres of the major cities of India, have been listed city wise under this feature in the App. When the user clicks on the Co-Win button and enters the cityÂs name, he gets the name, location, nearest landmark, routes and photos of the vaccination centre. This endeavor has been a great help for people who were finding it difficult to locate these centres and sometimes had to travel as far as 20 – 22 km but return without a jab because their time slot had elapsed. This sincere effort has been more than well received by people all over the country. 1 million Indians have hit the Co-Win button in the app, to find out the address details of Covid vaccination centers. Pataa believes in constant updation and keeping up with the times. Pataa also aims to reduce the carbon footprint with lesser commute, as people reach directly to their precise location. As new issues emerge, Pataa promises to keep coming up with new solutions to enrich client experience and making this world a better place to live in.

The Pataa app is a blessing for people living in distant locations, especially during an urgency. People can share their digital addresses with the ambulance, fire brigade and police to save precious lives. Moreover, Govt. apps can be integrated with Pataa, and schemes can be implemented more efficiently if every urban and rural Indian has a digital address. 

Pataa app is supporting everyone who needs to reach the correct destination in a limited time. It also aims to enhance people’s work and personal lives, one digital pataa at a time.

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