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Pranavendra Narayan Shukla Gets Awarded As Leader of Hope

Pranavendra Narayan Shukla, also known as Pranav Shukla hails from Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh the headquarters of East Siang District. On…

Pranavendra Narayan Shukla Gets Awarded As Leader of Hope

Pranavendra Narayan Shukla, also known as Pranav Shukla hails from Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh the headquarters of East Siang District. On 24th December 1975, he was born to a successful professor and political activist Dr. Surya Pal Shukla. Pranav received top-notch education and later went forward in the direction of Fashion Designing owing to his creative inclinations. Choosing to study Fashion was PranavÂs independent decision and he got little support from his family. Regardless, he went ahead with conviction and completed his graduation, and later pursued an MBA in Marketing from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Upon successful completion of his education, Pranav entered the corporate world and gained over two decades of experience.

However, a turning point came into his life while he was pursuing a degree in Fashion Designing. On a winter evening, while coming back from college, Pranav reached Okhla station to board a train when an old man dressed shabbily caught PranavÂs attention. Seeing the old man shiver in the cold weather while sitting in one corner of the platform appalled Pranav and led him to donate his jacket that he had fondly bought with his money. Protecting this man came naturally to Pranav and also ended up becoming a soul call for serving more and more people like that old man.

PranavÂs passion for social service began when he was 19 and has continued strong ever since then. He has been serving the needy in the cities of Faridabad, Haryana, and Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh since 1996. On 14th August 1996, he started an old age home for senior citizens who did not get to stay with their families or were destitute. At present, over 44 old people from different states stay in this old age home. He makes special efforts to make sure that all the inmates are served with the utmost care, commitment and concern so that they feel at home. The old age home has special medical facilities such as mobile health care systems, ambulances, and also a provision of well-balanced meals that are free of cost. Pranav performed the duty of being the son of around 211 inmates of old age home by performing their ÂAntim Sanskar (last rites). This ritual is either done by children or close relatives of the deceased. Even though Pranav was not related to them, he performed the duties of a son with love and respect.

Pranav also started a Godham (Dairy Farm) in 2009 by introducing 2 cows while bathing, milking, and cleaning them personally every day. At present, the Anadi Godham has over 177 Indian Gir breed cows. Adding to a diverse range of community service to his name, Pranav had also started organic farming in 10 acres of land near Faridabad. The primary objective behind this is to produce chemical-free healthy food, sustain the ecological conditions, improve the quality of by-products, and conserve genetic diversity.

Pranav chose a different path in life from a very young age. While other young men of his age were busy doing all that the society expects from them, Pranav went ahead on the Road Not Taken by serving the community. He also formed Anadi Seva Prakalp with the primary objective to organize, develop and empower the rural people. This is an initiative to enable rural people to improve their position in society. The people who personally know Pranav, consider him as a godsent messiah who works tremendously hard for empowering society. His generosity and kindness have helped several needy people until now. Pranav lives his life by the mantra, ÂHamesha apne dil ki suno aur wohi karo aapko theek lage which translates to ÂAlways listen to your heart and do things that you think are right.Â

It is because of PranavÂs relentless and dedicated service to the development of our community that he has been acknowledged with well-deserved awards multiple times. His work for the needy countrymen has been appreciated since 1996 when he was awarded the Best Youth for Social Excellence in 1996. He was awarded as the Youngest Shravan Kumar Upadhi in Faridabad by Sanskriti Bachao Samiti in 2010 and as Faridabad Gaurav Sharma in 2011. In addition, Pranav was a proud recipient of the Neelkanth award in 2018.

The Brand Story acknowledges the excellent contribution made by Pranavendra Narayan Shukla in empowering people to lead a better life by launching various social upliftment ventures. Mr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, The Brand Story said, ÂPranav Shukla has been relentless in his pursuit to help people from all walks of life lead an improved life. His contribution has been monumental in helping the needy, destitute, and lonely people see hope and positivity in life. The Brand Story is honored to award Pranavendra Narayan Shukla as the Leader of Hope.Â

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