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Preeti Thakuria: real-life ‘Queen’ and Mrs. Face of India 2020 winner

“If you have dreams, go and achieve them! Because there is only one LIFE and you should do everything that…

Preeti Thakuria: real-life ‘Queen’ and Mrs. Face of India 2020 winner

“If you have dreams, go and achieve them! Because there is only one LIFE and you should do everything that you aspire for. Don’t let your dreams become your hobby. Let it be the focus of your life and then you shall seek a Happy Life. Success and Failure is just a phase, donÂt let it decide the fate of your life”, the above-mentioned lines come from a dreamer and believer par excellence with the spirit of a fighter and the vision of a queen. Preeti Thakuria is the lady who has conquered several levels to finally emerge victorious in her life. Being attracted to fashion and theatre since childhood, Preeti always dreamt of being on the silver screen and being a part of the glamorous world. But destiny wanted something else, her journey from the small town of Indore to Mumbai is worth being applauded.

Coming from a family background where Preeti’s father owned a ÂCinema Theatre wherein he used to collaborate closely with film actors like Devanand, Guru Dutt, and all famous celebrities of those times, this everyday visual was what inspired Preeti to enter the glamorous industry one day. But life took its own course and she landed into a corporate career and had to put up in cities like Jammu, Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi.

Slowly she gave into her corporate life and even though this corporate life gave her a lot of exposure to visiting various geographies, meet different people, interact and learn from their experiences her heart always craved to follow her passion of becoming a model.

Through this hustle, Preeti was encountered with the biggest challenge of her life which came as a jolt to her and her loved ones, when she got to know that she is suffering from 3rd stage Cancer, left with only two options: either to fight this or to get sulked into this.

But the queen in Preeti would never sulk in front of life, she battled the deadly disease for 2 years, through the horrible chemo and radiation treatments, Preeti learned to cherish the beautiful thing called ÂLIFEÂ. That was the time when she decided that she was just a part of a race where everyone was running with no direction, no aim, life gave her a beautiful second chance and she had to outshine herself this time.

And as destiny wanted to take her closer to her dreams, in 2018, Preeti got a job opportunity in Mumbai and she was certain to give a chance to her dreams in Mumbai  The City of Dreams.

During the pandemic in the year 2020, Preeti participated for the first time in the virtual contest of Mrs. Face Of India beauty pageant. The contest was really interesting and tough at the same time as beautiful and intelligent women from all over the country had participated. Preeti’s conviction and dedication led to her being honored with the precious tag of Mrs. Face of India 2020, along with winning two more titles of Mrs. Peoples Choice and Mrs. Talented. After fighting a menace like Cancer and facing the pageant, Preeti thought that she could get through any hurdle in life. It was the first virtual affair organized by Spotlight Events and trained by Burgeon.

A lady with strong willpower and a fighting spirit, Preeti Thakuria is certainly an inspiration to scores of individuals who give up on their dreams and live a life that is not on their own terms. She is exemplary of following your passions no matter what because there is nothing else that satiates the pursuit of one’s heart other than leading a life of their dreams, having made a roaring entry into the world of glamour, Preeti Thakuria now has several milestones waiting to be aced.