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Presstone Agency presents “Top 10 Most Talented Indian Writers You Need To Know”

Presstone Agency presents “Top 10 Most Talented Indian Writers You Need To Know”. These are  the top 10 handpicked famous…

Presstone Agency presents “Top 10 Most Talented Indian Writers You Need To Know”

Presstone Agency presents “Top 10 Most Talented Indian Writers You Need To Know”. These are  the top 10 handpicked famous writers of 2021.

1.   Indira Guha Patra

Indira Guha Patra is an emerging Indian writer whose indomitable spirit to defeat failures, and her fiery language skills have already won over thousands of readers. Indira Guha Patra started her writing career in 2016 with her debut novel ÂChasing Dreams, following which she published ÂThe Promise, ÂBaby Fights Corona and ÂThe Veil of Disguise.  She has been awarded the ÂSahityakosh Samman 2021Â, ÂBharatiya Youth Face of India title, ÂR Crit 100 Author awardÂ, ÂThe Pride of India Award, ÂThe Writer of the Year Award, ÂBest Thriller Author Award, and ÂIndia Pride Awards for her contribution to literature. 

2.  Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi Kapoor has been  Nicknamed ÂSerial Author by her publishing team. Rakhi has authored twenty one books in a short span of five years. Her debut book ” THE GIRL WHO WAS LEFT BEHIND” is based on her real life experience failing to complete a trek in Nepal stranded in the Himalyan ranges for six nights and five days. A writer by passion, a physiotherapist & entrepreneur by profession her books are about various genres like poetry, romance, biography, travel, health care, business, parenting, women empowerment, family and philosophy. 

3. Tina Sequeira

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning author and marketer. Winner of the Rashtriya Gaurav Award in association with the Government of Telangana, the Orange Flower Award by WomenÂs Web, GrandQueens Leadership Award by Lions Clubs International, Women Lit of the Year Award by I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards and more, Tina has published short stories, poems, and essays in prestigious international publications. YouthKiAwaaz, IndiaÂs leading online platform for Social Justice, featured her among the ÂTop 35 writers of 2017Â and ÂTop 20 writers of 2020Â.

4.  Pawana Tripathi

She is renowned feminist, author and would be Microbiologist. She appriciates whatever she has. Belonging from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, she carved all her path to achieve everything in her journey to follow her dreams. According Ms. Tripathi for success & contentment, amalgamation of efforts and believe in mighty is required. She is daughter of Siyaram Tripathi and Urmila Tripathi, she wants her gaurdian to feel proud on her. She is shaping the vivid example for women and all those who wants to pursue their dreams, with smithereens of hope, positivity and confidence. 

5.  Debjani Chattopadhyay

Debjani Chattopadhyay is a 30 years old freelance writer who is simply following her dream to become a successful author. She is a student of literature and very much passionate about writing stories and poetry. She aspires to bring a change through her writings. 

She has been a co-author, compiler and project head of several anthology books, such as The Warrior’s Heart, Love in lockdown and Dream pens. currently she is working on her unnamed debut novel which is soon to be published. 

She is an avid art lover and appreciate everything that has a soul.  

6.  Ruchika Yadav

Ruchika Yadav, is a Sales Manager with a German MNC. She is a post graduate in Optometry  and Vision Science, but as an Optometrist her journey inside the clinic was short as she  soon realized  her passion of reaching out to more people and her affinity toward business. Having worked with a few leading brands in the vision care industry, she has spent more than a decade in Sales, Training and Product management roles. Writing and narration comes naturally to her and the idea of this book was planted in her mind when she began to take her hobby of content creation and blogging seriously.


ANGELIN DIANA writes poems, stories and articles in Pratilipi, a self-publishing platform. She obtained her master’s degree in High Voltage Engineering from Anna University in 2012. She has published 5 books and Co-authored 15+ anthologies which are available in Amazon and Flipkart. She has been honored with the award of ÂYUVA KALA BHARATHI in 2006. She is the proud recipient of IndiaÂs biggest South India Women Achievers Awards  2020, “REAL SUPERWOMAN 2020” Award from FSIA in September, 2020. This passion rewarded her with ÂIndian Excelsior Award from G-TOWN SOCIETY in March, 2021 and Bharatiya Youth Face of India  2021.

8. Vydehi Paravada

Vydehi Paravada, a software professional in an IT Firm was born and bought up in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.Her fondness towards literature made her pen down her thoughts. Her debut novel “Left Untold” stood as voice of many girls and was very well appreciated by all range of readers and critics. Her second novel ” Destiny and Dreams-in between we ” was very well connected with the youth. She received “Voice of Indian Literature” , “Author of year 2020″, ” Sahityakosh Samman awardee”, “Tagore commemorative honouree”, ” India Prime Icon Award 2021″, “Bharatiya Youth face of India 2021” awards.  

9.  Srijit Chakraborty

Srijit Chakraborty is a teen writer born on 4th of October. He is also one of the the fastest emerging authors. His first book The Evergreen Emotion gained a lot of popularity among the readers. Srijit is not just a superb author but also a inspirational figure for the youth as both his words and writings play an important role in motivating the youth. Many literary experts believe Srijit to be the next prominent face in literary world.

10.  Sarbajit Chowdhury

Sarbajit Chowdhury is an alumnus of St. XavierÂs School and college Burdwan. Currently he has completed his post-graduation from university of Burdwan. He did his debut with the book SPEAKING FROM THE AUTUMN OF MY LIFE. He has been waiting since three years to launch his next. He has also been featured by Times of India, Hindustan Times, Maxtern Media, Foxstory India, The News Now and several other magazines and newspapers. 

He is a big foodie and a music lover. He munches on the Aparna Sen and Rituporno Ghosh films. He loves to watch goof films and is a vociferous reader. 

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