Pretty Tony – The man smitten by diamonds, luxury & club life

Different people adopt different approaches to life. From serial entrepreneurs and business expansions to Hollywood celebrities and living life in the fast lane, chasing your dreams and passions allow you to etch out your own path. When it comes to leaving your mark in the world and living life to the fullest, the name Pretty Tony comes to mind. The embodiment of work hard and party harder; he chooses to live life on his terms.

Pretty Tony’s take on life is truly unique. His passion for entrepreneurship is matched by his boldness and flamboyance, being a man who has his own signature style. From hob-knobbing with the crème de la crème of society, private yacht parties, and traveling the globe in private jets, Tony leaves no stone unturned, choosing to live life king size. It’s hardly surprising that he has amassed a sizeable fan base on platforms like 

Instagram, with more than 20,000 followers and counting. Tony added, “People often ask me what my mantra in life is. Whatever you choose to do, give it you’re all. Work hard, chase your dreams, and don’t forget to celebrate. Life really is too short!”

There is a lot more to Jeffery Q Sanders than meets the eye. When he isn’t busy setting social media on fire, he handles finances at Dean Team Automotives. He also holds a keen interest in real estate having made several investments in the past. His carefree attitude and unabashed approach are a clear indicator that Pretty Tony practices what he preaches.

Pretty Tony’s rise to social media stardom can be attributed to his opulent lifestyle and passion for party life. His affinity for R n B and Hip Hop led him to make a song titled “Retire me a stripper,” which was played on radio across the nation. He loves traveling the world in the lap of luxury and thoroughly enjoys the nightlife across the globe. Pretty Tony’s zest for the finer things and entrepreneurial genius go hand in hand. He has several ventures planned for the near future as he continues to live life, one great day after another.

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