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Priya Yabaluri, an artist who creates the masterpiece with her perspective

Priya Yabaluri

Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye and the eye through the mind. Being an artist means you have the power to bring your imaginations and dreams to life. Artist Priya Yabaluri has perfectly channeled her inner artist to prove the above-mentioned lines true.

 Founder of the brand ‘Art for Awareness’, Priya Yabaluri writes and publishes art magazines, books and also conducts art shows. Being from a science background, Priya got insights of the logical and illusional aspects of making a painting. She considers nature to be her prime source of inspiration which drives her to excel in her craft. To her, being an artist means that one needs to think differently and develop an eye and a perspective that would make your creation beautiful in its own way.

Having completed her (B.Sc.) from DAV College and later in Interior designing (PGDID), JNAFAU from Hyderabad, Priya had an inclination towards art since childhood but due to the low lying importance given by the society for those subjects, she couldn’t pursue her passions and settled for subjects in science.

But slowly her past passions began to follow her and she took a plunge to begin her journey as an artist in the early 90’s. To boost her knowledge and expertise, she also took guidance from established artists and started exhibiting in various art shows in India in the early 2000’s.

Today, over a span of 20 years, she has showcased her breathtaking art in over 40 group and solo Art shows in India and Abroad. She has also proved her mettle at various international destinations such as UK, Germany, Petersburg, Moscow, France, London, Paris, and Dubai and in various Indian cities as well. But the wanderer in her wishes to explore more geographically and learn more about art and culture globally.

Driving her passions towards a goal with her abilities to write, compose poetry and music, in the year 2015 she started her own brand called,’Art for Awareness’, a dream initiative under which she continued to put her imagination into beautiful musings by writing art magazines, Coffee Table books and conducting art shows.

To satiate the nature enthusiast in her, she recently released  a series “Preserve the Ocean”,  to create awareness of the need to preserve the ocean and to depict the importance of marine life to sustain life on earth.

Born out of the zeal to ‘make a difference’, her ventures and vision “Art For awareness” publishing and “World Art Fair’, has been winning hearts and are a path to a new artistic one-of-a-kind journey.

While talking about her prolific journey, she says “Initially I was sceptical to go about in these ventures but somehow I got the initial push, this little experience gave me the will and hope. Once you have that, then you can move mountains”.

Having prestigious awards under her belt, Priya has bagged an award by the India book of records 2021 for ‘Excellence in art’, another one in the league is the honour from “World Art Fair”, as ‘Best emerging Startup Entrepreneur’ by Global Triumph Foundation in the year 2021. She has also been awarded as the ‘Emerging Woman Entrepreneur for Promoting Art 2021’ by Business Mint Awards.

Her exceptionally performing venture,’ Art for Awareness’ is a brand created to promote art and artists on a global level. It foresees a vision to bring forward the contemporary artist’s vision as a reality. The braveheart has also collaborated with the United Nations UN75 to conduct awareness programs by organising Art Exhibitions to create Social, Ecological ,global issues and cultural awareness.

But like many stalwarts who have made their mark in the society, Priya also experienced high tides but she always had a firm belief in ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Even after being a mother to two sons, Priya has exhibited great strength with discipline that has made her acquire reach manifold and achieve great success throughout her way.

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