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Purujit Singh met TheSajidWajid ‘Sajid Khan’ said your album is already Hit

Purujit Singh India’s Youngest Event Entrepreneur & Organiser met TheSajidWajid ‘Sajid Khan’ at Boombox Lucknow in Album Launch Party said…

Purujit Singh met TheSajidWajid ‘Sajid Khan’ said your album is already Hit

Purujit Singh IndiaÂs Youngest Event Entrepreneur & Organiser met TheSajidWajid ÂSajid Khan at Boombox Lucknow in Album Launch Party said your Album is already a hit. General manager of Boombox Lucknow Ravi Singh also appreciated the team as well as Danish Sabri & Sajid Khan. Boombox Lucknow used to welcome celebrities & known Bollywood artists to appreciate their work. 

Purujit Singh will also be releasing his original music videos in winter with Kartik Sharma in collaboration with NS productions & Bs Productions. The lyrics & composition will be introduced by Most viewed & known for his Freestyle rapping Rapper Kabiraa. The producer of the music video is Bhawneet Singh & will be Directed by Purujit Singh only.

The visionary man is a businessman at heart, and he owns the prestigious first International Film Making Institute in Lucknow, India’s capital city. Purujit has made a name for himself by investing in platforms that allow a large number of young people to showcase their extraordinary talent. He’s a well-known figure in the event management industry. His company hosts a wide range of events, from fashion shows to concerts. He has over 200 awards to his name. In addition, a well-known stand-up comedian, Raju Srivastava, recently congratulated Purujit on his outstanding work.

There are numerous types of entrepreneurs. Some people are drawn to the business because they have an innate passion for what they do, others are bred into it, and still, others have discovered a problem and want to create a solution for that problem in the marketplace.  Purujit Singh has without a doubt created a life-changing platform for youths and helped them achieve their dreams through his tireless efforts. On March 15th, he and his business partner, Bhawneet Singh, hosted Mr. and Mrs. Model of the Year Season 3 with Himanshi Khurana and Deep Sachar. It went viral on social media, reaching one million people. In total, 140 models competed, with Mr. Model of the Year Gaurav Mishra, Vikas Shakya, and Abhay Pratap Singh winning, and Miss Model of the Year Venus Yadav, Deepanshi Shakya, and Manpreet Kaur winning. The winners received a Roadmaster bike as well as advertising photographs from the company. The event was the biggest success of the year, and all credit goes to Himanshi Khurana and Deep Sachar. 

Purujit’s work has received widespread acclaim in the entertainment industry. He has always been recognized for his efforts, whether it was Prince Narula’s Young Event Organizer 2020 or Rannvijay Singh’s Youngest Event Organizer 2019. Purujit has also been honored by well-known television actresses such as Arina Dey and Parul Chauhan, as well as MTV’s Arushi Handa and OTT series actor Arham Abbasi.

Purujit has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, and for this, he was recently named ‘Youngest Entrepreneur 2020’ by Sea Lord Entertainment-E24. He is a mentor to thousands of young people because he allows them to express themselves. He personally supervises and mentors a plethora of gifted minds. In terms of projects, he has recently collaborated with Aahna Sharma on a large project and is currently working in Aligarh with Prince Narula of Roadies fame.

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