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Rakhi Sharma embraces her tussle against stereotypes

Born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Rakhi Sharma believes that ‘struggle’ is just a pseudo, misleading word given by society. It…

Rakhi Sharma embraces her tussle against stereotypes

Born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Rakhi Sharma believes that Âstruggle is just a pseudo, misleading word given by society. It is a scuffle with the stereotypes and mentality of society. If one is audacious enough to stand for themselves even if it seems like the limit is over, then you will succeed in your desired goal.

Now living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Rakhi was always a mediocre student and shy by nature. After years now, when she steps on stage, she feels like she owns it and gathers all the confidence. She started to dance at the age of 16 and had a hobby of swimming and a gymnasium. She decided at an early age that her desires lie in modeling and continued her career in the same.

Rakhi started modeling while she was pursuing her under-graduation and she did her first-ever theatre in her college time. She has appeared in several Theatre, modeling shows, music videos, advertisements.

In her own words, ÂI never thought of doing anything else and was always focused on what I like, without bothering about consequences and this boldness helped me overcome all the hurdles that came in my wayÂ. When Rakhi Sharma says she is a model by profession people have always asked her that what else she do for her living, mentioning this she says this is a big miss-concept of society that modeling cannot be a career and she has always focused to prove people wrong on this, she wants to set an example and want to spread a message among all the potential and future models that they should not hold themselves back thinking that modeling cannot support their everyday expenses.

Rakhi Sharma

She has always dreamt about how she can just remove the taboo from the roots of society that modeling and acting cannot prove to be a good career option and only people with a source can reach a height. She has always motivated people with her own life experience as to how she reached so far and there is no ending in the success this field could provide. She has always been vocal about what she wants and worked to achieve it without holding herself back. She says always staying focused and self-motivated could help you stay concentrated on your path.

Rakhi is currently working on her two new projects in an acting career as the lead in OTT web-series, one of which is based on how society holds back girls from doing work in several sectors, that series highlights how our society still doesn’t accept girls doing modeling there is a taboo established that this could not be a profession and only people having sources or god-fathers in this sector could succeed. And the other one is about Modern dating concepts, with her co-actor Amit Verma.

She wants to eradicate all sorts of taboos and wants to make it easy for youth to consider this path, she has worked very hard to achieve where she stands now and she celebrated every small-big success she got and has even worked with Rajeev Verma in theatre as the lead. She always appreciates every small-big work she did and believes that doing what you like in life makes us happy, and happiness is what makes our life successful and great.

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