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Reetika Gupta, a mom influencer who is making waves on Instagram

Reetika Gupta

At first glance, Reetika Gupta may seem like a regular young mother but when you visit her handle on Instagram, you will see the poised social media influencer who is making her mark on the digital world with her motivational and positive thoughts. Surprisingly, she never planned on becoming an influencer, it just came on naturally after becoming a mother.

As the world is slowly trying to heal itself from the scars of the pandemic, it is now more than ever that we need to have a positive outlook in life. This is where influencers like Reetika are playing a major role. Times can be tough, especially for new moms who are trying to find their identity as a mother, wife, and as a woman. Reetika seeks to spread positivity and motivate these women by engaging with them through her own honest experiences.

Her Instagram handle mommybaby_luv is all about spreading love and positivity to fellow humans like her. It began with posting pictures of her son with her truthful thoughts and experiences, slowly it started gaining attention and before she could realise, more and more people connected with her through her page.

“I want to reach as many people and touch as many lives as I can. We learn so much from life, it is only natural that we pass on our learnings to the community. Social media has been a great medium for me to do this.”
– Reetika Gupta, Lifetstyle and Mom Blogger

It was her son Abeer who inspired her to become an influencer, and ever since, he has been her constant source of motivation. Reetika also runs her family business Doublerbags, which promotes using cotton and canvas bags rather than single use plastic bags; all while maintaining her social media presence. In 2018, she started a group named ‘momstreasuree’ with fellow mom bloggers, for those moms who looking for some motivation in their life. In this platform, she provides fruitful session/meetups in association with international/national brands to guide them properly, push them to maintain their social media track. Managing her family life, business, and social media is surely no cake walk, she credits her success to her family, who have been really supportive to her.

“My only purpose to be on Instagram is to connect with people and to spread positivity and happiness.”
says Reetika Gupta.

Her positivity and honesty in whatever content she shares, is what connects with people and sets her apart from fellow lifestyle and mom bloggers. Amidst the predisposed negativity on social media, Reetika’s self-motivation and positive vibe are infectious. It seems she doesn’t just put out content for the sake of consistency. She really plans her stuff and shares thoughts that she believes would influence and impact her followers in a positive light. Reetika often collaborates with renowned brands like FirstCry, Dyson, Dabur, Hamleys, Ferrero Rocher, and Nickelodeon to name a few, she feels these products or associations will really benefit her followers. She also has many such collaborations lined up for the near future.

Reetika Gupta is a mother, a businesswoman, lifestyle and mom blogger, an influencer, but most importantly a loving human being. She aims to continue this journey of motivating people through positivity with all her heart. If you are a regular on Instagram, this is one account you should definitely follow. Find her on https://www.instagram.com/mommybaby_luv/

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