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Renox Group: Building Dreams, Transforming Lives, Defining Excellence

A Visionary Real Estate Journey by Mr. Shailendra Sharma Renox Group: Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate Renox Group, formerly known as…

Renox Group: Building Dreams, Transforming Lives, Defining Excellence

A Visionary Real Estate Journey by Mr. Shailendra Sharma

Renox Group: Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate Renox Group, formerly known as Renowned Group, has emerged as a symbol of excellence in the real estate landscape. Over a decade, Renox has crafted outstanding residential and commercial projects across Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. Renox stands apart with a track record of delivering exceptional results, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. The group’s diverse portfolio reflects a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its esteemed clientele.

Our Aspiration: Leading the Way in Real Estate Excellence Renox Group aspires to lead the real estate industry, setting the highest standards for customer satisfaction. The mission is to create unparalleled value, consistently exceeding clients’ expectations through world-class services and pioneering solutions that redefine excellence in the field.

Mr. Shailendra Sharma: A Visionary Leader Meet Mr. Shailendra Sharma, the dynamic Chairman and Managing Director of Renox Group and the Managing Director of News1India. With a commerce degree from IME, Ghaziabad, and almost a decade of experience in civil construction and marketing, Mr. Sharma exemplifies excellence in leadership. His remarkable business acumen and visionary style make him the driving force behind Renox Group’s success, consistently guiding the company towards greatness.

“Fulfilling Dreams, Surpassing Expectations!”

Our Projects: Crafting Excellence in Real Estate Renox Group’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its meticulously crafted projects.

Residential Projects:

1. Lotus Park: A realm of bliss and royalty, offering exclusivity and elegance.

2. Lotus Villa: Pure luxury and regal living, with spacious villas and top-notch amenities.

3. Lotus Srishti: A top-choice project in Crossings Republik, offering comfort and connectivity.

Commercial Projects:

1. Avantika Retail Street: Redefining retail with diverse spaces and prime locations.

Ongoing Projects:

1. Renox Luxury Apartments (Greater Noida): A luxurious project with 556 apartments, offering modern amenities and a sophisticated lifestyle.

2. Navrang Square (Ghaziabad): A prestigious commercial project providing exceptional investment opportunities.

Upcoming Projects:

1. Five-star Resort in Jaipur: A luxurious resort in the Pink City, promising world-class hospitality and opulent accommodations.

Transforming Dreams Into Reality with Renox Group Beyond real estate, Renox Group is dedicated to making dreams come true. From luxury weddings to unforgettable holiday getaways, the group offers handpicked resorts and hotels to redefine comfort and sophistication.

Partners In Hospitality: VANAAM – Hotels & Resorts Renox Group’s hospitality and tourism vertical, under Black Rock Hotels Pvt. Ltd, gave birth to VANAAM – Hotels & Resorts in 2021. This epitome of world-class hospitality enhances guest experiences through cutting-edge technology, blending hospitality and innovation seamlessly.

A Journey into the Life of Mr. Shailendra Sharma Born on November 30th, 1985, Mr. Shailendra Sharma is not just the CEO of Renox Group; he is a nationalist, a social worker, and an active member of Brahmin Samaj. His passion for social work and real estate led him to launch Renowned Group five years ago. In a challenging real estate market, Mr. Sharma’s strategic decisions, commitment, and honesty established Renowned Group as a market leader. His projects, including Lotus Park and Lotus Villa, targeted the middle and lower segments, achieving 100% occupancy.

Social Work: A Commitment to Upliftment Mr. Sharma’s contributions to social causes reflect his commitment to giving back. His involvement in uplifting the poor and support for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana showcases his dedication to societal well-being.

In conclusion, Renox Group, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Shailendra Sharma, continues to redefine excellence in real estate while making a positive impact on society. The journey from Renowned Group to Renox Group signifies not just a rebranding but an evolution towards greater heights of success and fulfillment. The legacy of excellence and commitment to societal well-being is poised to continue, inspiring dreams and transforming lives.