Riccardo Lex – An Entrepreneur That Changed His And Life Of Others

Running a business is not as easy as you might think. Yes, it might be more lucrative than having a 9 to 5 job and working in the same routine every day but on the other hand, all the responsibility falls on your shoulders. You are the one that has to decide on any risk, figure out marketing strategies and take care that everyone in the team is doing their job. Still, if you think you can manage all of this then there is no reason not to follow your idea and change your life for 360 degrees.

Riccardo Lex, an entrepreneur that was named The Visionary Of Year (2018) by The Global, knows what it means to follow your gut feeling and how important it is to make adequate risks. He started as an average guy who was on an apprenticeship for a car mechanic when he realized his dreams were much bigger than that and it is time to make a life change. He completed his apprenticeship and decided it was now or never to make a twist.

How Did It All Start

After getting done with his car mechanic apprenticeship he started working in Network Marketing and very soon became a successful self-employed person building a network for more than 3000 people. At that time he already knew quite a few successful entrepreneurs and realized that was the path he wanted to continue on. The fact that he could change his life and help other people as well as the thing that drove him through. Soon after he started working at direct sales in three different fields and kept gathering the important knowledge that would later help him start his own business. And all that while he was raising his young daughter – that is now 7 years old and enjoying the occasional free time with his wife. That goes on to show that everything can be done and family time doesn’t have to suffer.

How Did His Business Idea Come To Mind

While he was working in Network Marketing and direct sales he realized that not a lot of European entrepreneurs use the power of social media in their marketing campaigns and self-promotion. In fact, only 30% of highly successful people had social media accounts while in America it was more than 70%. He saw a huge empty space there and decided to find his own Academy of Social Media and Networks in a form of public association. His business became a hit almost instantly and now he has more than 100,000 followers who enjoy his tips on a daily basis and tens of entrepreneurs who asked for his professional help.

The Academy Of Social Media and Networks runs with a goal to educate people on the importance of social media marketing in daily personal and business life. And to be honest we can already see how much of an impact it made – European businesses are now much more present in the social media sphere than they were a few years ago. This is of benefit both to the company owners and customers, as they can educate better on products offered and the quality of services.

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