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Ritik Chawla: From owning multiple Pharmaceutical stores in delhi to food truck chain in North East is a business of par excellence

Today as we see the world being tough and hard to crack in the current market. We then see exceptions wherein skilled players like Ritik Chawla are seen experimenting something new and interesting and proving to the world that they can move around things in the best way.

He is a dynamic entrepreneur who is still in his twenties full with energy and has the knack of turning the world as per his whims and fancies. Talking about his early life, he started working when he was in school and his age was barely 16.

Ritik Chawla started working with call centers apart from working in different stores in their sales department only to get an exposure as to how businesses run. Soon he embarked with his own venture and was able to successfully start a chain of his own medical stores in the National Capital, which did well.

He then diversified his business starting things smoothly in the food industry. He then came up with the idea of starting a venture in food, coming up with a food truck in the northern eastern part of the country called Sadde Daddy Da Truck. He is also the owner of a sports event company which is into organizing different sporting events.

Interestingly, for Ritik, life did not treat him as a bed of roses as he did not get success in all the things he tried in his life. He failed in many of his ventures but did get success in few particularly in the medical store and food truck chain. He has never stopped thinking of expanding his business and is now running ahead to give his best. He is soon planning to embark on other ventures thus diversifying his business as well in the coming times. He intends to go a long way and for him the sky's not the end.

For such more interesting facts, follow him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/iritikchawla

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