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Rohit Bagh: An Ordinary Student to a successful Digital Marketer

Rohit Bagh’s belief relies on the quote that “whatever you share defines who you are.”
As everyone knows that we are living between billions of crowd and nowadays Innovations are at its highest peak. A new type of marketing is evolving in this real world and that is Digital Marketing.

Rohit Bagh is a 21-year-old young boy from Kolkata West Bengal. Out of those billions of crowd, Rohit Bagh surprised everyone by his work as a Digital Marketer Expert. Rohit Bagh is the youngest expert in the Digital Marketing field. These days, he is working for his hometown, Kolkata. He has worked with many customers and currently, he got eminent esteem and fame in the Digital field. He is a great influencer and a motivator too for others because, at this age when other ones are deciding what to do after the completion of studies at the secondary level, he is building up his career in the Digital Marketing side. Rohit Bagh always tries to create something best out of his best content so that it will attract thousands and hence results in connecting spectators.

Rohit Bagh, an inspiration for the young generation has 126 K followers on his Instagram panel and around 4 Lakh followers reach on his Facebook account. He is a great motivator and always give values to other’s decision. He kept regularly posting different types of content related to digital marketing so that it can influence others and coordinate in fasten viewers. His content always helps others to grasp modern things regarding Digital Marketing. He is also an appreciable professional photographer by profession too, those photography skills can be seen by his work done for clients because his toil speaks extra than his designation.

It’s not easy to become the youngest Digital Marketer and Influencer because, at this stage, it needs more power, skills, abilities and enthusiasm. Rohit Bagh is one who defines the inner himself and proves that age is just a number for all. He believes that if you have the abilities and are passionate about your goals, you are the real king of your own dreams.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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