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Rohit Roy shines amidst the never-ending challenges to make a mark in the fashion industry

The fashion industry has always been the talk of tinsel town. It has been the center of the showbiz industry and the glamour world. In brief, it runs the entire entertainment business. However, it is not easy to make a mark or even just gather a very small space in this industry. The rat race is too stretchy and then there is an enormous number of potholes in this industry. Belonging from a non-showbiz background and dreaming to do something in the fashion world is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of blood and sweat to gather space for oneself and such is the story of emerging fashion designer, Rohit Roy.

Walking into the field of fashion just with eyes full of dreams and an innate passion to work, Rohit stepped into the showbiz industry as a fashion designer. It was like walking into an unknown land with no known faces except the craft he is committed to. He studied fashion and strived for work, day in and out till he started getting his acknowledgment due. The opportunities did not come easy but he had to create the opportunities for himself. Starting from local shows, he managed and aced in popular fashion shows like Pune Times, Blenders Pride Dehradun Fashion Week, and many more. He even worked with the best faces of the industry like Urvashi Rautela, Daisy Shah, Sneha Ullal, and several others as their designers. But this journey was not as easy as it seems!

Belonging to a small town of Bihar which many people might not have even heard the name of, Rohit witnessed manipulation and subjugation daily. He has seen women being abused, domestic violence, social malpractices, and several injustices from a very young age. The cruelties of the world have thus been very transparent to him since a very young age. His community has always been a threat to him and has not been conducive to his growth. Shaping his inner self to emerge as a strong individual was thus his first life challenge. The negativities of a paralyzed childhood gave him the zeal and courage to emerge into a strong and sensible adult who would be free enough to follow his dreams. Next to that, came the social stigma of being a male who wants to work in the fashion industry. The hardships and challenges have been innumerous from his community as well as the industry. He has been dropped off several places for this reason. Still, these reasons never let Rohit's dream of being a designer go down.

Fighting all these and after educating himself about the intricacies of fashion when he was all set to work, came another challenge, "Rejection". This, however, was not a single challenge that came only once, this challenge keeps coming to Rohit even today. Trying to make a mark without any godfather or known sources in the industry has been like a daily challenge for Rohit. However, this has never let his principles down. His honesty and dedication have sustained over the years and with that, he has managed to get work for himself. In just two years of the industry, he has worked so much, with so many faces and in several fashion weeks, that now he feels he should aim for something even bigger!

He aims to work at the Lakme Fashion Week and FDCI in a couple of years and showcase his incredible talent as a fashion designer in front of all. He has been designing both Western and Indian outfits and doesn't want to restrict himself to any particular genre. He shared "Life has not been easy for me. I have been challenged every now and then. I have been rejected daily. From being a male trying to pursue designing and getting rejected for that, to not having sources and being rejected for that, rejection has been nothing new to me. But, these are like building blocks of my success. I am struggling and that is what I am proud of. I am not in a hurry, I will go step by step and become one of the leading fashion designers of India. I want to be an example and empower my community. I wish to also create an NGO where I can do public service. Whatever comes in between these, I would never sacrifice my self-respect and principles for corruption or money!"

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