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Roshni Agrawal: From being a CA to being an entrepreneur in the fashion industry

Roshni Agrawal: From being a CA to being an entrepreneur in the fashion industry

For most of the girls in the world, one thing that really drives their attention from anything could possibly be or most of the times anything to do with 'fashion'. The constant desire to go for shopping with or without the need of it is also enough proof why girls always want to keep their wardrobe up-to-date. Almost all of them want to keep it trendy, stylish & chic all the time when they step out of their house. Whether they are going to a party or attending those business meetings, they want to organise every outfit they wish to wear accordingly to suit the occasion & never want to go out of clothes ever. One such girl who has always been crazy behind fashion made her take a swift jump from being a chartered accountant to being an owner of a fashion brand called “Stilig.”

Can you believe that? A girl who already had an excellent corporate profile at hand & who is a certified chartered accountant holding rich experience of 4 years in Project finance & Investment banking, made one of the most significant decisions of her life switching from being a CA to being the owner of a fashion line. Both of these fields have nothing to do with each other & to take such bold decisions in life one needs the right attitude, enthusiasm & confidence & Roshni passes with the highest grades in that matter.

Roshni Agrawal's "Stilig" is a Mumbai based fashion brand that was launched this year in February, offers a variety of wardrobe solutions to women to cater to their varied choices of outfits for almost all events. Launching the brand with women workwear pieces that could easily transition from office to post-work cocktails to a fun weekend life saw an unmatched demand of the apparel. What started off as only a fashion line that was dedicated for making workwear dresses for the ladies all around the country soon saw a jump in the demand of the brand & its outfits & Stilig as a fashion company dived into making a variety of casual wear as well.

The startup that talks all about fashion & only fashion, whether for workplaces or casual events cater to fashion-conscious girls & ladies between the age of 16 to 40 years to spread the brand all across India & to gradually make a name for itself in the elite fashion brands of the country.

When we have people like Roshni we have enough inspiration as this young girl proves the world that when you have passion for something & the determination to work towards it you must take the first step in doing that & then nobody can stop you.

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