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Rudrakshi’s first poetry collection is “Kyunki… Bas Itna Hi”

Neetu Jharotia “Rudrakshi” is a resident of Kekri, a town located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Neetu creates her literature…

Rudrakshi’s first poetry collection is “Kyunki… Bas Itna Hi”

Neetu Jharotia “Rudrakshi” is a resident of Kekri, a town located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Neetu creates her literature under the name “Rudrakshi”. In the literary field, she is known only by the name of Rudrakshi. So today we will also introduce her by the name of “Rudrakshi”


Recently one of her poetry collection book “Kyunki… Bas Itna Hi” was published. The book was published by ‘Kalamkar Manch’ Jaipur. The role of this book was written by senior litterateur Mr. Kailash Manhar. Regarding the book, Kailash Manhar ji says that “in the poetry collection of “Rudrakshi” “Kyunki… Bas Itna Hi” the memories of life and the sensations arising from their feelings are expressed effortlessly on the surface of the feelings. That’s why it can be said that the poems of “Kyunki… Bas Itna Hi” are poems of intuition.


Rudrakshi’s poems contain memories of happiness, gaiety, pride and coolness in the heat of the month of Jeth, the display of the father’s kindness and the mother’s ‘wearing the mother’s sari’ in the mother’s personality, and ‘Happiness in the children by starving themselves. Are filling. There is also a sense of giving. The poetic mind of Rudrakshi tries to be able to listen to the gradually becoming silent voice of ‘silent cry’ in its sensation and connect with the values of humanity by saying ‘humanity comes not from books but from within’. Looks like it too. Nowhere in these poems is pomp and hypocrisy, but the pure purity of the poet’s mind is clearly reflected.


Rudrakshi by the nature of her immovable intimacy seems eager to connect her innate relationship with the world and the world through her experiences, seems to try to protect the sacred values of life. She takes shelter of poetry for ‘Shiva’s wish’ throughout her public life.” In this way, Manhar ji gave his precious blessings in the form of a role in the book of Rudrakshi.


About the book, Rudrakshi says that this is her first collection of poems, in which she has expressed the soft feelings of her heart in a simple way. Along with this, through her poems, she also easily describes the frustration, inferiority and pains prevailing among the people. Rudrakshi also expresses her personal feelings with impartiality through her poems. She writes since childhood and has a special interest in poetry in various genres of literature.


Rudrakshi tells the important thing about her literary creation that the reason that motivates her to write her is her nature and she wants to say about her tendency that “My personality is of introverted type due to which I could not express my thoughts, feelings, frustrations in front of everyone, even if someone punished me without any fault, I could not make it clear that I am not wrong.


In this way, whatever thoughts, feelings, frustrations were there in my mind, it kept stirring in my mind, kept doing orgy and the same situation would compel me to write them down so that I could find peace.” So thus Rudrakshi’s interest. Writing together became her compulsion as well and this need is also the only important reason due to which her inclination towards literature increased and she kept on writing. Thus literature became Rudrakshi’s comfort and passion. Another interesting thing that Rudrakshi says is that wherever she looks, she sees poetry. That is to say that wherever any scene is captured in their eyes, it takes the form of poetry.


Rudrakshi As the name suggests, she has special faith in Lord Shiva. Shiva is absorbed in his body and mind, many of his poems are also based on Shiva, in which Rudrakshi expresses her love, faith and devotion towards her beloved Shiva. Has expressed dedication, and that is the important reason why she creates her literature under the name “Rudrakshi”. It is the grace of Shiva that Rudrakshi’s name is recognized as a young poetess in the literary field.


Rudrakshi is a government teacher by profession as well as she is also doing research work on the novels of famous writer Madhu Kankaria ji in Hindi subject.. Her father Mr.  Badri Lal Jharotia is a lecturer in history in government school and her mother is a housewife.


Rudrakshi’s many poems, articles and stories have been published in various newspapers and magazines of the country. Along with this, she has also been awarded with various awards for her special contribution in literature and the social field in which “Amir Satya Icon Achievers – 2019” by Amir Satya Foundation, Indian Glory Award-2019 by Indraprastha Educational Research and Charitable Trust, “Sahitya Kohinoor Samman- 2019” by Sahitya Mitra Mandal, Kodariya, Mhow (Madhya Pradesh), Remarkable Education and IIU “Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan National Award-2021” by Swarna Bharat Parivar with the support of “Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan National Award-2021”, “Teacher’s Award” by Ramakanya Samachar fortnightly magazine and many certificates have been received in the field of social and literature. She is also associated with various social organizations to contribute in the social sector. Along with this, she is also interested in doing various innovations in the field of education in the school.


I decide my destination and my own path, I don’t compete or expect anyone.. I just know that I can do whatever I want.. if I want to do it. This is to say of Rudrakshi Jharotia


 You can follow her on Instagram by @ Rudrakshi Jharotia