Sagar Joshi talks about new projects of his venture Media Hindustan

Sagar Joshi

Media Hindustan ( is a famous online publication in India which was founded by Sagar Joshi on 28 November 2016. Media Hindustan also occupies an important position in the public relations sector, along with online publication.

Media Hindustan has been working in the field of Public Relations (PR) for almost 6 years. Its many projects, especially in the film world, have been very successful. Media Hindustan is known for promoting Bollywood films, web series, and music songs. However, this organization also works for other sectors, including political, business, sports, and education sectors.

Sagar Joshi explained, “Many times we have found that despite being a good company or personality, it does not get the value it should really get. The main reason for this is that people do not get to know about them in the area where they have gained popularity. The team of Media Hindustan conducts research on your brand or personality to make sure which plan can give the most boost to your product or personality. If we get such information about the personality or product that we can reach people in the form of news together with the media, then we work in that direction as well.”

Let me tell you that Sagar Joshi, the founder of Media Hindustan, is also a film writer-director, who has directed films like ‘Chaal Ghazab Hai’ and ‘The Third Hacker’. He told that his team is currently working on text content but very soon he is also bringing video content for the audience of Media Hindustan. Talking about the project, he said that it will be an entertainment-packed event that includes the names of Bollywood stars as well as political and many big business people.

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