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Sai Abhinay approaches young entrepreneurs to empower

Sai Abhinay

In this fast-forwarding world, everyone is busy with their own success. But there are some like Sai Abhinay Chepuri who not only focus on his own achievements but also empower others to sustain in this progressing world. Abhinay Chepuri is a 21 years old final year B.Tech student in computer science engineering from Lovely Professional University (LPU). He is running his two start-ups Make It Memorable (MIM) and Enviropromise- both are his dream projects. He wanted to revolutionize the entrepreneurship field by giving opportunities to youngsters who are struggling to set up themselves in establishing their own business.

In the present time, many students while studying wanted to become financially independent by starting their own ventures. Sai Abhinay shows his confidence in these young businessmen as he himself establish his own firm during his schooling time. This Karimnagar boy is engaged in providing opportunities to youngsters who are talented enough to establish their own business but they lack in resources to develop their passions. For Sai Abhinay, these young entrepreneurs are the future of our country and they have the potential to take the wealth of the nation to a more high level.

Currently, Sai is working to empower photographers and videographers to get suitable work and provide enough opportunities that help them to develop their businesses. Even he wanted to elaborate his circle of work towards other sectors such to help electricians, mechanics, masons, and many other talented young entrepreneurs to get work according to their talents and potential. He even provides guidance and moral support to young entrepreneurs so they gain confidence in their capabilities.

Sai is respected by all his younger students and is gaining a lot of love from all over the country for his immense contribution and helping nature.

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