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Saint KrishnaPriya Ji guiding millennials with her devotion & practice

KrishnaPriya Ji

India is a land of many divine great men and saints. The lifestyle of the saints here is very commendable. Today we are going to talk about one such young female saint who has dedicated her whole life to the devotion of Bhagvat, public welfare, and benevolence. The young female saint, we are talking about here, is Krishnapriya Ji, she is a famous spiritual orator as well as a motivational speaker. She was born in a holy place, Vrindavan on 26 January 1997, in a Brahmin family. Her mother always used to be immersed in worship and devotion that aroused devotion and spirituality in Krishnapriya Ji since childhood as well. She meticulously balanced her studies along with her devotional activities.

Since she was only 4 years old, she has been praised by many saints for her melodious voice in her mesmerizing bhajans. Further, at only a mere age of 6 years in 2003, Krishnapriya Ji received spiritual guidance and education from a great saint, RoopKishor Das Ji, and continued to engage in devotion. Her devotion was so great that she even once saw Lord Krishna and Lord Radha on the Dhruv mound.

Immersed in Krishna devotion, Krishnapriya Ji recited Bhagwat Katha in her melodious voice at the age of 7 in 2004, at the Singhastha Kumbh Mela held in Ujjain, by the saint’s grace. Since then, she has successfully recited about 365 Bhagwat Katha and other religious stories; and continues to broadcast the divination of Bhagwat in foreign countries as well. At only the age of 24 years today, she has millions of followers home and abroad.

Once upon a time, some people were torturing the cows to which Krishnapriya Ji couldn’t turn a blind eye, and thus she brought them home and since then (since 2013) she has taken a pledge to protect and take care of the cows. For this initiative, she established the Chain Bihari Ashraya Foundation in Mahavan, Mathura that takes care of cows, orphans, destitute old people, the environment, poor girls, poor families, and redevelopment of the tribal society.

At present, the foundation has been taking care of and nurturing more than 100 sick cows, for which the construction of a huge Gaushala (cow shed) for more than 1000 cows is also in progress. Krishnapriya Ji provides education to the tribal people, medical camps, and food to deprived people in the rural areas. She also conducts free medical camps, eye camps, heart camps, blood donation camps, and provides free treatment and operation to people in poor areas. At the interval of every 2 years, the foundation holds marriages for poor girls. It also helps people suffering from floods, earthquakes, and epidemics like the coronavirus outbreak by providing them with medicines and food supplies.

Krishnapriya Ji says that “Benevolence and service is the biggest religion, and the life which can be useful to someone is successful. God has created us and it is our religion to protect and help all the living creatures and nurture the nature created by him. That is why we should make our life blessed by continuous devotion and service to the soul.”

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