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Saloni Kapoor nails her fitness fashion game, becoming the top trendy influencer of the country

Saloni Kapoor nails her fitness fashion game, becoming the top trendy influencer of the country

Saloni Kapoor the rising star of the country started her career by participating in Modelling winning hearts with her astounding persona and charm show cases her fitness and fashion mantra surprising millions of fans.

That's right Saloni has become the recent eye catcher of the country with her ace fitness training, skin care routine and fashionable skills. Being a fitness freak and having strict and a thorough fitness routine Saloni would be one of the fitness bee, having an extremely particular diet and lifestyle.
The fitness magnate is in full swing and has pulled up her socks to carry out her further high end routines may it be fashion, glamour, fitness or modelling. Saloni aces in all the aspects.

Besides her upcoming ventures Saloni is a trained social media influencer having to put forth attractive content fitness, fashion and skin care tips. Being a fitness addict Saloni is famous for posting a number of fitness routines which is followed and highly inspired by all.

She is an inspiration for the women who want to persuade their career in fitness and physical training. Saloni always believes in motivating her fan fam for the best to achieve their goals.
Her motivation and her spirit of achieving her targets are commendable. Saloni is crossing all the boundaries to make it to the top and how!

Having such flawless and beautiful skin it would surprise her fans to know that Saloni had a skin condition leukoderma due to which she faced a number of hurdles but through proper medication and treatments she overcame that. Her confidence level bosted and she became unstoppable thereafter.

When asked about the same she put forth "I was always considered as a Preety women with a perfect face but very few know about my skin condition leukoderma . I fought through it and with the right medication (UV rays treatment ) came out of it. It’s basically looked as a taboo or some kinda skin disease but Winnie Harlow who took the industry by storm ,prove that vitiligo is not a disease but a discolouration/dis pigmentation of skin .
Well I just had a few few small spots ,but got spread when I was depressed after my first heartbreak. We all have been dumped in some phase or the other ,and we have different approaches to deal with it ,I being a reserved person went through depression ,were this caught up with me and started spreading . But later after realisation and self introspection ,I realised that nothing is bigger than life.
We all are blessed ,but we need to see the blessing that god has bestowed it to us in some form."

Extracting emmence fame and growing followers from her fitness fashion mantras, videos and posts Saloni also is a fitness influencers who always challenges her limits, and influences the youth of the country for the same. She also indulges in taking thorough care of her skin and inspires people to do the same.

Surely there would be a lot of excitement to witness her achieving huge after the hurdles she has overcome and never faltered. Kudos to her free spirit and having such a great will power.

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