Sama Dizayee A Journalist and Influencer Who Is Known For Her Never Die Attitude

Some are born with exceptional talent, and some are like a free bird who goes around places to increase their knowledge. They don’t care about boundaries at all, for them, the whole world is one place.

Sama Dizayee, what will you call her; an anchor, a journalist, a writer, a photographer or a filmmaker? A jack of all trades and a fantastic personality, known for many talents. Dizayee is an all-round character who has done many things in her life in a short period of time. Sama is a BBC News Contributor and former Voice of America reporter, a renowned personality who is known for work in the media world.

Passionate about storytelling, Sama is currently teaching storytelling and photography in Cape Town, South Africa with Ekse Lens, a filming school established in Khayelitsha township in fall of 2018. The teaching opportunity is voluntarily for those with experience in Media. 

Besides teaching, traveling to beautiful destinations is her hobby. And her hobby is giving her fame and name. She is an individual influencer who is showing the world that girls too can travel around places and do a tough job of journalism.

Sama is going to release a 30-day challenge on different stories. This will be an everyday challenge. Stories will be of random people and random places. This challenge is quite personal to Sama as she tries to publish daily inspiring stories that will help others to get motivated and inspired by everyday people and everyday places. It will also help aspiring storytellers to not let doubt get in the way and stop them from sharing their story and others. We feel her work will inspire many, especially young girls to pursue her footsteps as a career.

This renowned Iraqi Kurdish Journalist has been covering politics for many years now. Her name has become a brand in the world of media, and she also comes in the list of top female journalists. 

By TIS Staffer
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