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Samir Tripathi gets appreciated by big names across the country for singing RamcharitManas

Founder of Medhraj Astro Youtube channel, Dr. Samir Tripathi concluded the release of the entire Ramcharitmanas with its meaning at…

Samir Tripathi gets appreciated by big names across the country for singing RamcharitManas

Founder of Medhraj Astro Youtube channel, Dr. Samir Tripathi concluded the release of the entire Ramcharitmanas with its meaning at the Marsh Hall of Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Gomti Nagar. In view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all government guidelines were followed and only a limited number of people were allowed to attend the event.

Blessing Dr. Samir Tripathi for his work, Padma Vibhushan Jagadguru Swami Rambhadracharya Ji said, ÂDr. Tripathi has tried to convey the message of duty and love to the entire society and all Indians, especially the youth, by singing the meaning of the greatest book of India, Shri Ramcharitmanas. He further added, ÂRamcharitmanas is a source of inspiration for people. It gives the means to a person to overcome all his sorrows by bringing the bliss of singing into his life. Dr. Tripathi has done a commendable job and my blessings are always with himÂ.

Addressing the program through his video message, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari said, ÂDr. Samir Tripathi, who has sung the entire Ramcharit Manas while referring to Prime Minister ModiÂs statement is highly appreciated. I heartily congratulate Dr. Tripathi for conveying this important message to all the people.Â

Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan Shukla said that in this grueling phase of the epidemic, the character of Prabhu Shri Ram will strengthen the inner soul of the people. Dr. Samir Tripathi has fulfilled his part to connect people with spirituality and the power of God in such a contrasting time. The leader expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards him and wished him a bright future ahead.

While congratulating the man of the hour, Deputy CM of UP Keshav Prasad Maurya said that this work of Dr. Samir Tripathi will give a lot of relief to people in the time of this terrible pandemic and will further strengthen them with the power to fight. Agreeing with the same on the occasion, MP BJP Vice President Yogesh Tamarkar said, ÂThis work of singing the entire Ramcharitmanas is surely eminent and a great need of the hour. Dr. Samir Tripathi undoubtedly deserves appreciation from people all across.Â

Earlier, the program also received the blessings of many eminent and respected saints.

Mahant Shri Narayan Swaroop of Shantanand Soham Ashram Kishni Mainpuri Shri Shakti Dham Unnao said in his blessing that Shri Ramcharitmanas is such an Amar Katha of duty and love, hearing which makes human life blessed and now it’s beautiful singing by Samir Tripathi will make it an easy way for people to understand.

The four-decade-old historic temple of Nanak Sahi Math Khadra Lucknow, co-Mahant Worshiper Vishnudas Nishani with the main Mahant being Dharmendra Das Ji said in his blessings that the characters of Ramayana present the example of duty, love, and ideal living.

It is indeed the work of God to present such inspiring and great texts in the Surmai stream to society. Greetings and best wishes from the deepest depths of the heart for this great work done by Dr. Samir Tripathi, founder of Medhaj Technoconcept.

Hari Manjhi, the former MLA of Bodh Gaya also congratulated Dr. Tripathi for his impeccable efforts and tweeted, ÂMajor blessings to the man to sing the entire RamcharitManas with its complete meaning on his YouTube Channel.Â

Bhaskar Prayag Ashram Sikanderpur Khurd, Lauli, near Indira Dam, Chinhat, Lucknow’s Pujya Swami Bhaskaranand Ji Maharaj said, ÂThis historic work of singing the entire RamcharitManas by Dr. Samir Tripathi is such a service to humanity which will always provide support to the people. In this terrible period of the epidemic, only spirituality and devotion to God can keep people safe and Dr. Samir Tripathi deserves recognition for this historical work that he has done.Â

Shri Pitambar Peeth Datia, Madhya Pradesh’s chief priest Pt. Deepak Purohit Shastri also said that Dr. Samir Tripathi will prove to be a milestone in the life of Sanatan Dharmic.

Just as Maharaja Bhagiratha had brought the stream of Ganges on earth, this singing of Shri RamCharitManas will bring positive changes in the lives of the people.

Apart from this, Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi and MP Digvijay Singh, Sant Chandranshu Ji Maharaj of Ayodhya, Srimanta Kapali Baba Ji Maharaj of Agohar Peetadheeshwar Harishchandra Ghat Kashi have also blessed the program with their video message. ÂThis work of Dr. Samir Tripathi has also been recognized by India Record, High Range Ward Record and Marvels World RecordÂ.

Overwhelmed by the appreciation given by the sage saints and other eminent people of the society, Dr. Samir Tripathi said, ÂI have done what God wanted me to do. The only satisfaction is that I could be of some use to my country and society during this terrible epidemic. I consistently pray to Lord Shri Ram to give me strength like this so that I can continue to do something for my country and society in the future.Â

Mrs. Rekha Tripathi, SamirÂs mother, present at the program, said in exuberant words, “I am very happy with the spirit and devotion that my son has brought to the Rasganga people, turning the Corona era into an opportunity in disguise. This is the time to strengthen our inner strength, which is possible with such spiritual powers. I bless my son to continue on this path of spirituality and devotionÂ.

Dr. Samir Tripathi’s brother Gunjan Tripathi, wife Alka Tripathi, and the entire Medhaj family were also present on the occasion. Harsha Tripathi, SamirÂs daughter, made the event a little more shining with her enthralling Kathak performance.

“Swami Avimukteshwaranand and Mahendra Singh (Jal Shakti Leader) also garner blessing via video conference call at the event.”