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Sanbun Investments is an Investment Advisory Firm, specialising in consulting, training, mentoring and portfolio management.

Sanbun Investments is an Investment Advisory Firm, specialising in consulting, training, mentoring and portfolio management.

The firm has been delivering consistent returns over years and helped over thousands of students achieve their aspiration of becoming a full-time trader.

They offer their services through online sessions and also provide personal assistance. The training is reliable, effective, and helpful for those who see Stock Market as a career option.

The success of a firm isn’t defined only by a single individual. A firm is comprised of several individuals from different backgrounds, who collectively take it to new heights.

Below are those who have worked diligently and tirelessly over years to take Sanbun Investments where it is today. They richly deserve this recognition.

Sanbun Investments Team

Nishaan Singh

His journey as stock market trader began at a young age, 15. Sustaining losses and facing rejections, he kept on going. The following years brought him knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Now, he is a seasoned trader, investor, and trainer. It is evident that he had to suffer a lot before finally making consistent profits in the stock market.

His vision is to help budding traders save their time and money, to lead them to a right path, and most importantly, to make them believe that they can achieve all what they aspire to.

Aman Arora
Certified Financial Trainer

Aman Arora is a senior financial trainer at Sanbun Investments. After a series of mistakes and trials, he eventually made his way into the market and accomplished milestones within a short space of time. He inspires young people like him to consider stock market as a career option. He believes, starting stock market trading is the biggest risk. Then it depends completely upon how you're willing to manage your money.

Piyush Tiwari
Certified Financial Trainer

Piyush Tiwari, being a dedicated learner, is a senior financial trainer at Sanbun Investments. He got interested in trading at a surprisingly young age and has been securing his position as a senior trader for past 3 years. Plunging into the depths of stock market, he discovered more intriguing concepts and made his mind to pursue it as long-term goal. He has been consistently and actively trading in Forex and trained upwards of 500 students. He is well versed for unpredictable market situations and aims to learn even more and deeper.

Sheshank Ranjan
CMO & Head Financial Trainer

Being a business-minded man since a very young age, he established himself in the market with the assistance of Nishaan Singh. He graduated from IIT Roorkee in Btech. Sheshank Ranjan is presently a senior financial trainer at the firm and also leads the marketing team. He's genuine, humble, and professional. People around him thrive on his presence.

Dinakar S
Digital Marketing Head

Dropping out from engineering, he embarked on stock market as a new career. He got his basic training from Nishaan Singh, who offered him valuable lessons and advice. Dinakar, 20, is presently a six figure trader and digital marketing head at Sanbun Investments.

He began trading when his family was going through a financial crisis during consecutive lockdowns. Now, he feels passionate towards trading.

Yash Chaudhary
Creative & Content Head

He works resolutely, enthusiastically, and joyously. He has accomplished many of his goals at a very young age. Incorporated with Sanbun Investments for a long time, he believes in producing quality content that not only engages the audience, but also intrigue them to know more about the firm.

Jaspreet Singh
Sales Associate

Jaspreet Singh has given remarkable and laudable performance in the sphere of selling over years. He has significantly contributed in the success of Sanbun Investments. Being proficient at selling, he aims to achieve more and more in near future.

Ayush Jain
Sales Associate

Sales are the lifeblood of a company. Ayush Jain has been working as a sales associate at Sanbun Investments and giving valuable contribution in company’s growth. He's hardworking, talented and dedicated, and plans to achieve more as early as he can.

Saif Rabbani
Community Support Specialist

Saif Rabbani, 20, is a young speculator who reserved a spot in the market. He developed a set of remarkable and unique skills in a short space of time. Disciplined towards trading, he knows various aspects of trading.

Saif went through a lot before his accomplishments. The path he walked along was replete with failures and setbacks. Yet he never gave up and kept going. Now, he is a financial trainer at Sanbun Investments and also shares his knowledge and experiences with budding traders.

Ishu Mavar
Customer Relationship Builder

Ishu Mavar has always been intrigued by Stock Market. Trained by Nishaan Singh, he is presently a senior financial trader. Also, he is customer relationship builder at Sanbun Investments. He has intimate knowledge of stock market, trains budding traders, helps them grow.

Sudhanshu Maurya
Support Lead

Sudhanshu is the youngest of all team members. Having dreamt of achieving enormous success, he embarked on stock market. In early days he was guided and trained by Nishaan Singh.

Now, he is a full-time trader, senior financial trainer, and support lead at Sanbun Investments. Sudhanshu encourages fledgling traders to enter fearlessly in the market.

Shaik Mohammed Javeed
PR Executive

Starting his career with the guidance and assistance of Nishaan Singh, Javeed is presently a PR executive. He aspired to become a successful investor. Those whom he aspires characterize him as genuine, professional, and hardworking.

He believes, “You have to survive in the market for long run to get your dreams
come true, so Patience and Consistency are key factors.”

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