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Sanchit Shokeen aka TechBar exposes fraudulent activity regarding Fake iPhones

Sanchit Shokeen

In the modern world of technology, everyone is known by what brands they possess. The generation knows what’s best and affordable for them, but certainly, the affinity for iPhone never diminishes. Every launch of the new segment from Apple lures a huge crowd. This love for the brand may turn upside down when a fake yet similar model dupes you at a comparatively low price. India’s one of the finest tech reviewers, SanchitShokeen, aka TechBar, recently uploaded a video shedding light on the growing frauds in the market when it comes to the iPhone.

Sanchit’s video titled ‘Opening fake Rs. 10,000 iPhone 12 Pro Max! Fake Camera is making rounds on the popular video-sharing platform YouTube. In a day, this eye-opener video has alerted a lot of young iPhone aspirant buyers. The market is filled with Chinese mobile companies manufacturing fake iPhones. Sanchit, as the responsible YouTuber and an honest tech reviewer, has taken the matter into his own hands. He has opened the entire phone panel and showcased every minute of details about the fake phone to his audience. There are loads of Youtubers in this niche, but this distinguishes TechBar the channel from the rest.

The video in a day has garnered over 301k views. The numbers are a testament to his hard work, consistency, and his love for authentic and trending content. He exposes how the fake iPhone has multiple features, but the fake loses ground at various places. The striking three-camera feature is fake as only one of the cameras is in working condition out of the three. One must learn from the tech reviewers about the wrong aspect of the gadgets, which strengthens safe and foolproof buying. As Sanchit promises to bring something exciting every time, this indeed was an exciting and awakening for his subscribers.

Visit Now – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wBFtpSENY4

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