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There are a lot of young children/youngsters in our country those are very talented and skilled  in sports who want make their career in sports and perform on international level and make the country proud, but a lot of these talented youngsters do not get enough opportunity because of lack of guidance and resources. Many of the children who come from a poor financial background doesn’t gets supported by their families because of the lack of money.

This saddening situation inspired a former wrestler and celebrity fitness trainer Sandeep Deswal. Sandeep who has been a sportsman before knows about the struggle and difficulties a sportsman has to face in their life who comes from a simple background. Sandeep Deswal was born in a simple farmer family in Sonipat, Haryana. He has seen and gone through the same difficulties that today many sportsman faces and that’s why he thought of helping out the young sportsman who does not have the resources and guidance that they need.

Sandeep Deswal wanted to help the younger generation of sportsman achieve their dream so he started giving free training to the young kids of his village so that they could get better and perform at higher levels. He also provides them the required equipment and other things that are needed for their training at free of cost. He doesn’t want any talented kid to give up on their dream just because of a poor financial condition so guides and train them without taking any money, all just on his own expenses.

Sandeep’s genuine initiative of helping the underprivileged  kids achieving their dream and goal is really appreciating. its so inspiring that people like Sandeep Deswal keeping the humanity alive today and raising the future athlete today who will surely make India proud one day.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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