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Sandeep Poonia - The Young Entrepreneur and Influencer

Sandeep Poonia, An Aspiring Entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Social Media Influencer. He's the founder of many Instagram pages like "theroflindian", "fakingscience", "confusedhumour", "frustratedhumans", and many more.
There are two things about Sandeep Poonia which makes him different from other teenagers, that he's equally passionate about his studies and social media. 
His day-by-day increasing fan following on social media is the proof that he's progressing in the right direction. 
Apart from Instagram Pages, he's an Aspiring Entrepreneur he owns many website and an android app.
In a discussion with Sandeep, he told us that he started his journey as a content creator for brands and many big instagram handles. In beginning he worked with many US Clients as well as Indian Clients. After he focused on growing his own fanbase  and now he's a successful Social Media Influencer.
This digital genius knows exactly what will catch his audience's imagination and he creates his content accordingly. 
Sandeep Says "Don't worry about being successful but work towards being significant and the success will naturally follow".
He reflects "I always wanted to try something in my life. Entrepreneurship has been always in my mind. Now I've found my purpose in life"

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