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Sardool Sikander's 'Eklavya' Nobby Singh pays tribute to his 'Dronahcharya' with emotional song

Sardool Sikander's 'Eklavya' Nobby Singh pays tribute to his 'Dronahcharya' with emotional song

It was February 14 when Punjab lost one of its legends in the form of Sardul Sikander who died in Mohali. The Punjabi industry was pained and started paying tribute to the departed soul in their own way. Some recalled the memories with Sikander while some of them came with songs for the legendary singer.

Similarly, Punjabi singer Nobby Singh came up with an emotional song to pay tribute to his 'Dronacharya'. Nobby considers the late Sardul Sikandar as his teacher and takes inspiration from his songs and thus calls himself 'Eklavya'. He tries to give a new dimension to his singing with the lessons that he got from Sikander.

Nobby lent his voice to an emotional and painful song 'Asin Jis Lai Duniya Chhad Ditti'. The song is considered to be very difficult to sing. However, he sang it so beautifully in an order to pay tribute to the late Punjabi singer Sardul Sikander.

He connected people with his voice and emotions that show the potential of the Punjabi singer. Maybe that's the reason why his song received immense love and support. The song has gone viral even among the fans of Sardul Sikandar and music lovers.

The video of Nobby Singh has garnered more than one lakh views and shares in just two days on Facebook, more than 2 lakh views on Instagram and still counting.

It has become popular among the people that means Sardul Sikandar is still in the hearts of people. And those who seek inspiration from him are getting love simultaneously.

Nobby Singh is an emerging star who has sung many songs including Revolver, Thakkiyan. Perhaps, there are many more new projects which would be released soon. These include songs that would be released in April and the other in May.



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