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Satya Yadav explains how fitness gave him a new identity. Read to know about his inspirational journey

In today’s time, fitness is not just a part of the routine but a lifestyle. There are diverse goals people have when it comes to health and fitness. While some workout to flaunt their chiselled physique, some people workout to maintain consistency with their fitness levels. All that is required to maintain a fit body is dedication, discipline and diligence. Satya Yadav, a fitness enthusiast based in Ghaziabad has set an example from his journey of being fat to fit. The Rajnagar-based guy who once weighed 114 kg during his teenage has stunned everyone with his unbelievable transformation.

During a time of five years, Satya Yadav lost a significant amount of body fat leaving his near and dear ones amused. Recalling the time of his childhood, Satya revealed that he was bullied and teased for his excessive body weight. But eventually, he turned the tables with consistent workout and cardio sessions. Shedding 23 kg was not a cakewalk for him. He reveals that it was very difficult for him to give up on his favourite meals in the initial days of his transformation journey. However, once he started seeing the results, there has been no looking back for Satya.

The progressive results achieved by Satya ignited his passion to get into the field of bodybuilding. For the same, he put in his best effort and went on to bag the Bodybuilding Heavyweight Championship at an age of 20. Along with it, Satya Yadav even earned the tag of Mr. UP which then saw him participate in many bodybuilding tournaments. To highlight a few of his achievements, the professional bodybuilder bagged the third position at Mr. North India Bodybuilding Competition. During his exemplary career, Satya Yadav even met with a pectoral muscle injury that kept him away from bodybuilding for almost two years.

After the complete recovery, Satya Yadav got back in action. To kickstart his journey once again, he participated in several marathon races and achieved the unimaginable feat. “I believe that it takes a lot of courage to stand up after you witness the fall. It is all about keeping the motivation alive within you”, says Satya. One of his remarkable achievements is winning gold in Ultra Tuffman Desert Championship that was held in Jaisalmer. So far, the most remarkable achievement of Satya Yadav has been the Noida Grand Marathon where he covered 54 kilometres. Apart from this, Yadav is gearing up for various other competitions, and his main aim is to represent India on an international level.

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