Saurabh Panjwani says abandoned rusty vehicles are best in fashion photography

A Hyderabad and Mumbai-based renowned kids photographer, Saurabh Panjwani has found a new muse and it is rusty trucks! His latest picture has discovered his newfound obsession for vehicles lying useless for months and years. 

As seen in the picture, there is a stark difference between the original location and the final photograph taken by him. The picture very beautifully displays a little girl standing at the corner of the rusty truck filled with emotions and glittering eyes.

Talking about his idea of capturing such unique pictures and portraits, Saurabh explains, “Rusty trucks or cars are my personal favourite whenever I find them on highways or roads, 

 I just quickly save the location and click one picture on my phone, then I imagine the final output in my mind and then decide on clothes and edit. I personally feel rusty vehicles enhance the overall beauty of the picture. 

Saurabh has given a new perspective when it comes to kids’ photography. He likes to keep his pictures very natural, raw and simple without much use of props. His main focus remains “the expressions of kids.” He is a pro when it comes to clicking absolutely natural, candid shots when it comes to the most difficult subject to shoot – kids.

By TIS Staffer
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