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ScamsBreaking.com, A Digital News Crusader Spearheading the Mission of Unmasking the Dreaded, Notorious and Heinous Scamsters !

ScamsBreaking.com, A Digital News Crusader Spearheading the Mission of Unmasking the Dreaded, Notorious and Heinous  Scamsters !

Unlocking facts with financial & cyber scams: Global Trade, Economic fraudulent, Business Collaborations & partnerships

? Examples of famous stories: Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos / Nirav Modi/ Vijay Mallaya/ Markus Braun the most recent Wirecard Fraud
? Provoking Fact-finding/Ethical Journalism
? Introducing scamsbreaking.com
? Why of scamsbreaking.com

So what is a Crime to you?
Do you have the ability to decide whether a person is going to commit a Scam?
Would you stop it or join hands?
Breathe, Think. It’s a choice. There’s always a choice.
In a world where cyber crimes are as regular as a 3-course meal we all have a problem to identify the source: A hacker, scamster who runs a lobby of a large financial fraud business using your personal data acquired from the internet or a company that takes your money to invest in growth has fallen

without any report on your life-savings. With the increase in large economic white crimes that happen before your eyes, there is absolutely less knowledge to bridge the safety of your data. No matter how safe and user-easy you build a system, UPI payments, Otp card transactions, IMPS transfers, Manipulation to invest with fast returns, No-Guarantee mutual funds or the money that you save in your bank. Fraudsters have a way to get you, they paint a picture that you are in utmost need. Debt results in more debt, a vicious cycle of utter disappointment and no peace.
We need to prepare for the world around us, we need the knowledge and tools to keep yourself safer than another, to protect your assets, to guide and nourish generations with intense and truthful facts about scams.
From the rice that we eat to a luxury we save to spend on, every process, every transaction has a bit of a fraud that contributes to a larger crime. We all know the economic fallouts from leaders of futuristic major companies, Elizabeth Holmes who called herself the next Steve Jobs gave unrealistic expectations to her investors: the public as well about a new way of Blood-testing vision in her company, Theranos. Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi still walk on the face of earth under most wanted status under criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption, money laundering of 12,000 crs & 7200 crs respectively & embezzlement. And the recent scam of $2.1 Billion missing from Wirecard , A German payments firm.

Phew, it’s a lot to take.
We need sources who can teach, practice and articulate fact-finding Ethical Journalism that talks in depth about all small to big scams, a knowledge centre that is built on unraveling dreadful scams.
Introducing, scamsbreaking.com is driven by responsible, ethical & fearless journalists whose sole purpose is to find and breakthrough financial, economic, business scams and expose these crime cartels and people running them. An investigative, statistical and proven data that is run by Australian based IMC (International Media Corporation) which will work on Indian, America & Australian frauds. The media house has a strict process to evaluate and re-check data of how credible and authentic it is with research, resources, evidence that is duly admissible in the respective country.
This need for Ethical, true journalism is carried in the spirits and vision of scamsbreaking.com that will help us to trust a Newsportal that gives the concerned party an opportunity in the interest of transparency, equality, neutrality and fair play to place their version before the story is hosted and aired on scamsbreaking.com Newsportal.
It’s time for the truth to shine!

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