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School Life Questions That Toggles Every Student’s Mind

Are you the one if ever given a chance would love to relive school life? Who doesn’t want to? Everyone…

School Life Questions That Toggles Every Student’s Mind

Are you the one if ever given a chance would love to relive school life? Who doesn’t want to? Everyone out there. It is the time that gives us some of the most memorable and exciting memories to cherish around our whole life. Isn’t it? Indeed yes! It is the place where the critical transformation in an individual takes place. It is a place with a lot of fun and is generally the best phase of almost everyone’s life.

But have ever the questions popped up in the mind like – Who invented school? Who was the man who gave us this idea of having schools? Who invented the term homework? Who invented the concepts of taking exams? Who invented the school tests? How good life would be if these terms were never discovered? This is the right place where you will find the answer to your every question. It will surely be exciting and fun too to read. So check it out.

Who invented School?

The Man who is known for inventing school is Horace Mann. He was the man who took birth in Franklin Massachusetts in the year 1796. He is the man that is known behind the concept of giving a regular school system. Horace Mann is also popular by the name The Father of the Common School Movement. Had this man not given such a concept, life would surely be at ease. Do you also think the same? Do let us know.

Who invented the term Homework?

Another word that creates a lot of stress during school life is none other than regular homework. Right? Getting back home and doing the homework so that tomorrow’s day goes safe from the teacher’s scolding is high hectic. But do you know the man who created this troublesome thing( according to students) is Johann Gottlieb Fichte? He did this in his times to create extra devotion to his countrymen towards the nation without releasing how much this will bother students in the late future.

Who invented school tests and exams?

Another issue that a student often faces during school life is the act of living class tests. Yes! This is something that forces students to give notorious excuses like stomach ache, fever, and many more just to skip the test day in the school. Have you also tried the same thing with exactly the same excuses ever? Of course many times. Don’t you want to know the name of the name behind it? The man behind this concept was Henry Fischel, a French Philosopher and the first-ever examination was the Imperial Examination that was conducted in the country China.

This is the man many of us wanted to kill in our school days. Right? We thought of him as the reason behind all the troubles we had to face in school. We often cursed him for this act.


School life is total fun and the best phase that no one would deny reliving. But unfortunately, this is the feeling we often feel when school life is over and we enter the actual harsh and competitive world. The time we spend at school is the best time that can be cherished our whole life. No doubt school life’s result days or exam days stand no less than a horrible dream but still, there is no match to this phase of life. Do you also agree?