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Shadan Farooqui is an ace Lifestyle Entrepreneur helping people get effective business solution

Shadan Farooqui has close links with the fashion world since he was a child. This very inclination helped to give him a good understanding of the fashion world. He not only knew about fashion, brands, and designers but also showcased his incredible personality in his circle. Since he was a fitness freak, he had developed a good physique that added the right blend of charm and style in his personality allowing him to showcase his blogs on designs and patterns from different brands. This helped him emerge as a fashion blogger as well as he was able to jot down about it with great perfection and expertise. 

He soon came out with the experiments in other fields that remained connected to style and fashion – Modeling. He worked as a model and walked on-ramps for different brands and designers showcasing their designs and wide range of attires and fashion stuff before the world. He then also did many print and commercial ads while working in this field apart from remaining the part and parcel of many ad and marketing campaigns. Thanks to his understanding of fashion and physique, he ruled this world.

Soon he entered the world of social media and understood the power of social networking sites. He soon realized that he could also venture into lifestyle enterprise. Thanks to the information age we live in that have opened up the sea of opportunities to the world to take the current and the new businesses to its zenith. Hence he soon ventured in this field and started helping people, individuals, groups, and brands to embark upon effective lifestyle business solutions. He is now gearing up for this new direction and has carved his niche in this field and intends to go long in this direction.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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