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‘Shadow Chrome’ of 15-year-old Bihar boy becomes internet sensation

Faizan Alam, a 15-year-old from Patna, Bihar, is going viral for all the right reasons. The young boy has not only composed an English song but has also sung it, thus attracting the attention of music lovers on all the social media platforms, especially Youtube.

Alam, popularly known as ‘Shadow Chrome’ because of his Youtube Channel, has recently composed a song ‘One Time’. In addition to composition, Alam also sang it and played the lead role in the video, which has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of music lovers.

Appreciating the efforts of the young singer, music lover went berserk to accolade his overall performance. “Honest try is the only ingredient of success,” writes a music lover namely Rakesh Jha, adding the way you perform is simply awesome.

His engaging performance in the song where he’s trying to woo this gorgeous lady, his eyes caught in a club also earned his respect and positive remarks. The song is no less than any famous album number when it comes to the production.

The social media has gushed after his performance, wherein music lovers say that he "nailed every note" and that this was a "mountain of a song that he conquered"

This young bundle of talent has a YouTube channel named by his stage name ‘Shadow Chrome’ and this song One Time has already crossed 7 lakh views. This new single has received a lot of love at this young age and it surely is a way to go.

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