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Shayari King Ansh Pandit: Ravan Ravan song is just a glimpse of his talent

From being a local teen to become a superstar on a social media platform, you need some talent. The most popular figures on social media platforms like Tik Tok are well beyond many TV stars and athletes in terms of popularity status and stardom.

Ansh Pandit, a young entertainer who has more than 8 Million fans on Tik Tok, has now started a new journey of his life as a singer. The first song of his with Rock d touched more than 11 million views on Youtube and other social media platforms. 

Tik Tok is gaga over this song, millions are making short clips on Ravan Ravan songs. The Ansh Pandit story is an inspirational one. He is known for his shayaris, started as a Poet in Tik Tok slowly showed his second part, which is singing and the man he won the heart of millions from the first song Ravan Ravan.

Ansh Pandit is the best example of the 21st century where you can see technology ruling the world when it comes to popularity.

Anyone can make a huge fan following from any place without being part of the entertainment world. It is so good to see Apps are making people accessible in a short time.

Ansh Pandit account comes in Tik Tok's hottest accounts in just one or two years. He has zoomed into the top list of Indian Tik Tok superstars.

Ansh Pandit is working with top labels like Kishan Events. He is working as an artist of Kishan events and Ravan Ravan song with Rock d is under Kishan Events.

Looking at Ansh Pandit's talent of writing poets and singing qualities we feel Bollywood is not far for him. His close ones also say that he is getting offers from Bollywood but waiting for the right Call where he can showcase his talent to the public.

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