Shikha A Sharma’s “Your weight loss plan a boost with ‘spice-diet’”

The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the world with unprecedented challenges. As social distancing and work from home have become the new normal, ‘stay fit, stay home’ is trending.

There is an exponential rise in the demand for fitness and wellness practices, during the lockdown. People are taking it as an opportunity to shift to a healthy lifestyle and bring some permanent changes in their diet and nutrition intake.

Solving the speculation around health and food during a global pandemic, an internationally renowned, celebrity dietician and nutritionist, Shikha A Sharma, Fat to Slim, has an unparalleled vision and passion for weight loss and improving health outcomes through home-cooked food with Indian spices.

“The fitness movement has been a driving force in India for more than a decade now. The industry evolved rapidly with new practices and techniques. From kickboxing, Zumba to new-age specialty diets, superfoods and super nutrients changing lifestyle and new demands by people has outpaced our traditional wisdom to a certain extent”, said Shikha,

“What we need to stay fit, and eat healthily, we have it right here in our kitchens!”, she added.

Making an impressive impact on the industry, Shikha has worked with renowned celebrities like Arshi Khan, Tanaz Irani, Rizwan Sajan, Khushi Mukherjee, Kangana Sharma, Roshni Walia, etc. According to information, more than one lakh people have lost weight with the help of her ‘eat, sleep and no exercise’ fitness routine during the lockdown.

With cutting-edge nutrition research and years of practice, Shikha has also launched a virtual diet academy platform to give access to more and more people about the knowledge of dieting and nutrition while making eating joyful again. It elaborates on the concepts of Indian spices and how they help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without any exercise. The magical diet and learning program train people to become famous dietitians and nutritionists. The best part about this unique program is, under-graduates can also apply!

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